Yes, Wine Clubs Are Worth It (And Here’s Why!)

According to one survey. wine is the second most common drink among Americans, second only to beer.

If you enjoy a glass of wine after a long day, a wine club may be a great idea for you!

Just in case you were wondering, yes, wine clubs are worth it, and here’s why. To find out more about it, read here today!

Find Local Vineyards

One of the main benefits of signing up for a wine club is that you can wine that is actually local to your area.

Most vineyards, whether they’re large or small, offer their own membership opportunities. If you live near one, joining them may give you extra perks. You’ll also be able to drink wine locally in your hometown.

A local wine club may host different events that you can attend. There you can meet other people who are just as interested in wine as you are.

Marketing for wine clubs has become largely digital now, so you may have to look online to find some clubs near you.

Return Policies

A lot of clubs normally offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their shipments.

If you don’t like the type of wine they send out, you can call them up and tell them. They’ll be able to send you a replacement that you will be able to enjoy.

This reduces your risk when trying new wines, and it also increases the value of the wine subscription service.

Better Selection

With a wine club service, you’ll also have more access to a better selection of wines.

When you’re at a liquor store, most of them concentrate on wines that are budget-friendly and made from common grapes that most people are aware of.

This is because this is what will sill easily and what most people will buy. Most clerks working at these stores don’t know a lot about wine because they also have to focus on selling other liquors.

However, when you sign up for a wine club, you’ll get hand-picked, exclusive wines that you won’t be able to find at your local liquor store.


When you’re part of a wine club service, you’ll likely get more discounts on other wines as well.

If you get a wine that you really love, some memberships will offer you discounts on anything you reorder.

You can check out their website to see what other kinds of special deals and promotions they may be offering. Maybe you’ll be able to find free shipping as well.

If you’re planning on spending a lot on wine, investing in a wine club may be just the perfect thing for you!


Another pro to signing up for a wine club is that it will make buying wine a completely stress-free process.

You won’t have to go to the store and search through all the bottles of wine, wondering if you’ll actually like that new bottle.

Especially during holiday seasons, it can be a mess trying to find a wine with everyone else in the neighborhood.

When you join a wine club, you’ll be able to have wine shipped directly to your house, even during the busy holiday seasons. It will also take away some of the stress of having to decide which wine you should get.

You also won’t have to worry about if you like it or not if your wine club has a 100% satisfaction guarantee promise attached to it.

Exposure to Different Wines

If you’re used to just picking the same few bottles of wine, joining a wine club may be a good idea for you.

When you don’t get to select the wine you want, you’ll get exposure to all kinds of different wines. You may even find a new favorite in the mix of all of them.

Joining the club and learning more about all the different types of wine may also be helpful in educating yourself as well.

Soon you’ll be able to tell the difference between your Beaujolais and your Sauvignon Blancs. You’ll figure out whether you like dry or sweet wine.

It’s also a good way to discover what tastes you like and don’t like.

Through the right wine club, you can also learn what wines pair well with certain foods, and you can build up your collection.

Always Prepared to Host Parties

If you have signed up for a wine club, you’ll never run out of a supply of good wine. Which also means that you’ll also always be prepared to host parties.

This means that you don’t have to go out and search for the perfect wine for your guests during your dinner party. It can also be a fun experience with your friends to try all the different kinds of wine that get shipped to your house.

You can also have different requests for each month. For example, if you want more red wines, you can have two bottles of red wines every month.

That way you can have one try for yourself and another one to keep handy in case you want to throw an impromptu dinner party.

Learn More About Wine Clubs

These are just a few of the benefits of wine clubs, but there are so many more.

If you’re interested in having hand-picked wine delivered to your front door every month, start researching your area to find some of the best wine clubs to subscribe to!

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