Hang Utensils For Extra Space

Space Saving Small Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love To Try

Modern homes come with smaller kitchens compared to ancient mansions and residential apartments. Whenever you notice your kitchen is small, aim to make the most of the available spaces. Ensure you do not feel that your kitchen is constantly disorganized and cluttered. Read on to find some practical small kitchen ideas on how to save space. You can construct cabinets with many convenient shelves that can be fixed or rotating. You can cover the entire wall with multi-rows and a series of cabinets. These can reach touching the adjacent wall with the kitchen window. You can fix hooks on cabinets, doors, walls, and windows to hang various kitchen accessories. These might include bags, cups, cutlery, pans, pots, sachets, and other decorative items. With these essential items out of the way, you can save space inside the cabinets. There, you can store bulky items like food-processor, juicer, blender, and coffee-maker.

Since you know sizes of accessories, construct rows with suitable heights for accommodating bulky items. You can hang wired baskets from doors of cabinets for storing light-weighted objects. These can include various packets or small bottled spices, cutlery (spoons, forks, and knives) and others. Use a cart with wheels for storing bottles of oils, sauces, vinegar, and other canned goods. This you can conveniently wheel in or out of your small kitchen whenever desired. You can use one or more ideas for saving maximum space in your small kitchen. Here are space-saving small kitchen ideas you’ll love to try.

{ 1 } Island Storage In Small Kitchen Ideas

Island Storage In Small Kitchen Ideas
In the open space of your small kitchen, you can place an island. This comprises of two distinct portions. One part that is lower than the other has stove-hobs and a built-in oven. The other portion comprises of 2 sets of 2-door wooden cabinets with transparent glass doors. Inside the cabinet, there are 3 rows of wooden shelves. The top shelf has many vertical wooden partitions for storing small items.

{ 2 } Try Storage Bins In Kitchen

Try Storage Bins In Kitchen
At the center of your kitchen, you have a 3-shelf wooden table. You can utilize the open spaces between these shelves for storing bins. These may be cane-woven baskets and wired baskets for holding fresh fruits or vegetables.

{ 3 } Incorporate A Dining Area

Incorporate A Dining Area
You can incorporate a dining area to save space within your small kitchen. The counters are arranged to end in L-shape. Opposite to the kitchen sink, you can make arrangements for the dining area. Place two comfortable chairs having grey-colored cushions, wooden back-rest and steel legs ending in steel-roundish-flat-feet. You can hang two steel-lampshades from the ceiling above the dining area. On the counter-top, place a bottle of red wine and two wine-glasses on a red-colored cloth.

{ 4 } Use Cabinet Tops For Storage

Use Cabinet Tops For Storage
In your small kitchen, the wooden cabinets for storage are built a lot below the ceiling. There is a wooden shelf above the two cabinets. Use this shelf to place three identical rectangular spacious containers for storage. You can place another wooden shelf in the space between two cabinets for extra storage.

{ 5 } Portable Island For Small Kitchen Ideas

Portable Island For Small Kitchen Ideas
You can use a matching black-colored portable island with wheels for your small kitchen. This portable island has three shelves. The two bottom shelves are made of black-colored wooden planks held in a wooden frame. The topmost shelf is made of solid steel. Most significantly, this portable island comes with a steel horizontal steel rod or handle for easy maneuvering. You can use all the three shelves for storing various items.

{ 6 } Hang Utensils For Extra Space

Hang Utensils For Extra Space
Use an apparatus made of cast-iron mesh held together with an elliptical-shaped cast-iron flat border. This can be hung from the ceiling via the four flat metallic stirrups holding the border. The cast-iron mesh has numerous hooks meant for hanging pots and pans in the small kitchen.

{ 7 } Extend Cabinets To Entire Wall

Extend Cabinets To Entire Wall
You can cover the space above the working area on the counter-top with a series of cabinets. These can be made of tan-colored wood/ply. Each cabinet can be 2-doored and arranged in two levels one on top of the other. Extend placing these cabinets to the entire wall reaching the adjacent wall with the window. It’s one of those easy and useful kitchen decor ideas that you can use for a quick update of your boring kitchen.

{ 8 } Refresh Decor With Some Greenery

Refresh Decor With Some Greenery
You can add some greenery to break the monotony of the white-colored theme of your kitchen. Near the sink, you have a white-colored wooden cabinet with 2-doors. Between the white ceiling and this cabinet, there is enough space for placing an indoor plant. The best choice for this position is the potted English Fern since it adepts to the semi-humid environment. Also, from the ceiling, you can hang a basket filled with Money Plant vine growing downwards.

{ 9 } Open Shelves For Small Kitchen Ideas

Open Shelves For Small Kitchen Ideas
Against the wall, construct open shelves of varying length for storage. The top three rows run along the length of the wall. Meanwhile, the two shelves on either side of the kitchen faucet and sink are shorter. Store items you need regularly near your reach. You can place glass trays, coffee-mugs on the two shelves at the bottom. On the shelf above, you can store cups and saucers, jars of tea, coffee, and sugar. Next, you can store stalk of plates, mugs, bowls, serving bowls, and various dishes. On the top-most shelf, store items you occasionally use when you have family get-togethers or parties. You might need a stool or ladder to access these long-term stored items. Open shelves not only de-clatter your belongings but also help in finding them whenever needed.