9 Interesting Small Office Design Ideas For Your Home

Employees have to meet tight deadlines even if companies offer flexible hours. People prefer taking their office work home to be close to their dear ones. Hence, in this modern age, everyone makes a small office at home. A home office gives you a place to work comfortably in an organized manner. Hence, it is only right to want to personalize this space and have a home office design that inspires and relaxes you. Here are 9 interesting small office design ideas for your home:

{ 1 } Small Office Design In Living Room

Small Office Design In Living Room
Bright And Small Beach Style Office Decor By Tyler Karu Design Interiors | Photo By James R. Salomon

When your living room has a permanent hole with a non-continuous wall, you can create a small office. In between the walls, fix a wooden plank and use it as a study table. Use a white colored wooden chair to sit at the table. Add 3 built-in drawers under the table top. On top of the table, you can place a vase full of flowers and a photo frame. Leaving enough space above this table top, add two white colored planks between the walls. These work as shelves for storing items (books, clock, mug and reading lamp).

{ 2 } Beautiful Mid-century Modern Office Decor

Functional Yet Sleek Decor In Mid-century Modern Home Study By Ponciano Design

Place a jet black writing desk with two drawers having circular handles made of brass. Also, the weight of the table is supported by square-shaped brass. On the table top, you can place your pen in a brass pen-stand, notepad, paper, etc. On one side of the table top, you can place a brass and white colored shaded lamp. Adjacent, you can place a brown colored box having several compartments for storage. You can use a green colored cushioned chair for sitting at the writing desk.

{ 3 } Vertical Storage For Small Office

Compact Yet Long Study With Vertical Storage By MPD Design Build Inc | Photo By Eduard Hueber

Use a narrow but longish room for making your vertical storage and small office. Place two chairs for two individuals to use this study room together. While sitting, these persons should face the wall with shelves. Ensure these shelves have varying heights. You have to store books standing in a row or stacked one-on-top of the other. Also, you should make provision for categorizing items for separate storage boxes.

{ 4 } Compact Home Office Under The Staircase

Small Space Office Under The Stairway In Palma Plaza By Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Every area in the home is precious. Hence, you can utilize the space under the staircase for making your office with no door. Use the L-shaped wooden study desk. Place your computer in front of the entrance to the room. On the other side of the desk near the wall of the staircase, you can place different items. Add two shelves leaving enough height above the desk and between them. Ensure you can store miscellaneous items required at home on those selves. You can use a white colored wooden or hard plastic chair. Under the table top, you can slide in a cabinet with drawers.

{ 5 } Home Office Decor In Small Alcove

Creative Use Of Alcove For Home Study In Leesburg By Redstart Construction Inc | Photo By Picture Perfect House Photography

You can utilize the small alcove space adjacent to the storage made of white colored wood and glass cabinets. In the home office in a small alcove, you can use a white colored table top. Add two white colored drawers, one on top of the other. Place your computer screen on the table top. Place a comfortable chair in front of it to use the desktop. Leave 2-3 inches of clearing space above the computer. Place white colored wooden cabinets for storage. Adjacent to these, fix two open-spaced shelves made of white colored wood. On the bottom shelf, you can store your music system and listen to favorite number while working. At the table providing enough leg space, you can sit and use your personal computer.

{ 6 } Scandinavian Style Minimal Home Office

Scandinavian Style Minimalism In Tiny Office By Studio Revolution | Photo By Thomas Kuoh

In a corner of the home, you can create a Scandinavian Style Minimal office. Place a table with a brown colored table-top and supported by four white colored wooden legs. On the table-top, place a black colored reading lamp on one side. On the opposite side, place a black-and-white colored calendar, white colored pen-stand with black pens and a white note pad. Above the study table, you can fix a matching brown wooden shelf. You can store stacks of white and black colored books.  Place a black colored chaired supported by brown wood and black metal frame.

{ 7 } Dark Walls Colorful Office Decor

Bold Colorful Office Decor In East Denver Residence By Iba Design Associates | Photo By David Lauer

Use a room with dark Emerald green colored walls and white colored ceiling. From the same point, hang numerous lamp shades providing light on the study table below it. This table is made of jet black colored wood. On the tabletop, place a computer facing the walls. In front of the computer, you can place a black colored computer chair with steel frame. Directly, on the opposite side, you can place two stools with blue colored cushions. On the floor, place a white and black broad striped rug. You can also place a black-and-white designed ashtray, white notebook, and papers, a vase of flowers and other items. Alternatively, you can also display flowers without a vase and still get a fresh and colorful vibe.

{ 8 } Transitional Decor Glamorous Home Office

Elegant And Sophisticated Study Room Design By Laurie Demetrio Interiors | Photo By Dustin Halleck

You can convert your living room into a suitable transitional home office. Place your comfortable grey colored sofa with three cushions against the wall of your living room. On either side of the sofa, create double door cabinets made of grey colored wood. Keep enough distance above the countertop and create 4 grey colored wooden shelves. Ensure there is enough distance maintained between these shelves. Place books standing in a row or stacked one on top of the other. Also, you can add souvenirs to decorate the study-cum-living room. Also, you can use a piece of art as a wall hanging above the sofa.

{ 9 } Farmhouse Style Decor For Small Office

Light And Colorful Country Style Office Decor By Allison Kandler Interior Design | Photo By John Ellis

This type of home office is informal and brightly colored. The room has an orange colored sliding door leading into the study room for two. There is a white chair facing the wall filled with white and sea-green colored shelves. Also, there is a white colored wooden cabinet beneath the table top. These are used for storing different items. There is another white colored chair facing the window. On either side of this chair, there are 2 sets of 3-drawers under the table top.