Modern One Wall Kitchen Design

Stylish Yet Space Saving Small Modular Kitchen Design

Congratulations on your new home! You wouldn’t be here checking out sleek kitchen designs for your home if you hadn’t just got yourself a brand-new pad. If you haven’t, that means congratulations are still in order, for you have decided to re-do your boring, drab kitchen and spice it up! Excellent choice! We must say that you have come to the right place. Check out our suggested range of uber-cool small modular kitchen designs. And choose the one you like best. Well, we know various factors go into that decision. A modular kitchen is a layout for your modern kitchen provided in a way that gives you the best possible alternatives to fully utilize the available space. Innovative styles and cutting edge designs are some of the factors that homebuyers look for. We have compiled for you the choicest collection of modular kitchens perfect for your every requirement.

{ 1 } Small Colorful Modular Kitchen

Small Colorful Modular Kitchen
Want to add a dash of color to your otherwise chic modular kitchen. Check out this awesome functional yet minimalist design, perfect for your cozy home setting. You can’t go wrong with this design. Don’t forget to check out the overhead cabinet and the quite well-placed cooking range and sink. We would also like to bring your attention to the well-fitted parts of the cabinet below the kitchen counter, completing a well-furnished look. With this design, you are not just bringing home aesthetics; what you get is intuitive functionality meets style.

{ 2 } Full White Small Kitchen Design

Full White Small Kitchen Design
If you want everything in your brand-new kitchen to be spotless, we recommend this pristine full white small kitchen design. Not only does it look extremely attractive on the first look. It guarantees a second look and how. What you get is a well-designed and spacious setting of numerous cabinets, drawers, and spaces just perfect for your setting. And the placement of the oven and the chimney is drool-worthy. Also providing you effortless corner solutions is this splendid design. Spend lazy hours of your day just lolling around in the kitchen and end up being refreshed rather than lethargic.

{ 3 } L Shaped Island Kitchen Layout

L-Shaped Island Kitchen Layout
If your requirement is maximum use with minimum space, check out our third suggestion. This robust design ensures that you utilize sufficient space available to you; it also wins, hands down, any Stylish Modular Kitchen Award. The perfect mix of steel, glass and some of the most durable material available, you have a winner right here. The L-shape gives you the flexibility to plan out the placement of all your kitchen accessories for the best possible results. No more worry about wasting time trying to locate where each accessory lies and no more opening and shutting almost all the cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen.

{ 4 } Tiny Grey Kitchen Design

Tiny Grey Kitchen Design
If you want something functional to suit the tiny space available for the kitchen, this design is perfect for you. Not only is it intelligent design, but it also uses the best possible space maximization plan to accommodate just about everything in your kitchen. It is one of the most stylish and functional modular kitchen designs you’ll ever find! Are you facing a space crunch? Use this design and rest assured that everything will sort itself out. The elegance of this particular model rests on the choice of color.

{ 5 } G Shaped Industrial Kitchen Design

G Shaped Industrial Design
Want the little ones to sit at the counter while you whip up an awesome meal while supervising them, well the G-Shaped Industrial Kitchen design provides you with an amazingly spacious, movement-friendly space. An inquisitively designed kitchen counter to offer you the best productive use of your space while overseeing everything that goes on in your home. It also has the best-placed cooking, cleaning, and storage zones perfect for your necessities. What it brings to your home is a strong practical design but with the loveliness that your desire.

{ 6 } Small Modular U-Shaped Kitchen

Small Modular U Shaped Kitchen
City life does give you restricted space mobility. With this robust design, you can have as much freedom as possible and then some more. This U-Shaped kitchen design provides you with ample space with storage capacity on both sides. All you need to do is work out where you want the placement of your cooking range and the sink, and you are good to go. The overall look is awe-inspiring. An added advantage is its durability and ease of maintenance.

{ 7 } Modern One Wall Kitchen Design

Modern One Wall Kitchen Design
If you have only a small counter to call as the kitchen, then this one wall kitchen is the design to go for. Specially crafted for space crunched city home, this steel grey range of storage space, cabinets, and work area is the best thing you can have in your modern home. Don’t miss a dash of wooden finish on the overhead cabinet to complete the sleek look. Perfect for the urban single or the mobile young couple, this design fits all bills. Prepare to be assaulted by all the intruders who will naturally be attracted to the kitchen, be it for a drink or just for the sake of chitchat.

{ 8 } White and Wood Themed Modular Kitchen

White and Wood Themed Modular Kitchen
Bring out the Master Chef in you with this elegant design called the White and Wood Themed Modular Kitchen. What you get is the delightful combination of both cabinets and open spaces, specially customized for the needs of your kitchen use. The wood paneling is a natural attraction holder as is the polished kitchen counters. The multi-utility set-up near the window completes this look for the multi-tasker in you. This layout will undoubtedly provide the most efficient workspace for you.

{ 9 } Contemporary Island Kitchen Design

Contemporary Island Decor
The delectable combination of wood and veneer complete with a granite counter brings out the elegance of this design. Not only do you have a work area, but you also have an uncluttered space for cleaning, chopping or carrying out other essential tasks. Do not forget to take in an eyeful of cabinet space and storage area, which is aplenty and available at your disposal. You can have your family gather around for a quick tête-à-tête before you send them packing to work and school.

{ 10 } Modular White Galley Kitchen

Modern White Galley Style
Nothing can come close to this ultimate combination of untouched white setting with an equally appetizing woodwork counter. Check out the trendy detailing that has gone into this work of magnificence, and you will come away with a sense of amazement. Not only do you get a beautiful work area, but you also get an ergonomically perfect kitchen model to suit your every need. Easy access to almost everything is just an added advantage you get with this layout.

{ 11 } Small C Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

Small C Shaped Kitchen
The honeycomb inspired backdrop is just one of the first things you notice about this exceptionally minimalistic layout. The C-shaped layout aids in an easy to maintain work station where just about everything is only as close or as far away at your fingertips. Checkout the cutlery prominently displayed as also the various cooking equipment and a smattering of books even for a quick read as you await the broth to cook. Life couldn’t get better.