Seasonal decorating on a friendly budget

Most people think decorating seasonally is expensive, but there are many inexpensive ways to celebrate. By using natural elements, reusing the items, and shopping strategically will make your atmosphere according to the season without breaking the bank.

Use Of Nature

Replace summer flowers with fall leaves. If you have vases in your home that you typically use for flowers, then swap them with colored leaves. It will be simple for you if you are living in an area where autumn is common, you can easily find them in your yard or gardens near your home.

  • Before bringing anything from the house, spray it with water and let it dry under shelter. This will minimize the risk of bringing any bugs to your home.
  • Removing branches from anyone else’s yard will not be good and you should always be respectful to other people’s property.

Preserve fall leaves with decoupage.  Collect some fall leaves, make sure that should be colorful. You can find them in gardens. Preserve them by brushing a light layer of decoupage. You can make them more attractive without the fear of them drying, breaking or losing their color.

  • Art of gluing paper to other surfaces is called decoupage.
  • Mod Podge functions as glue, sealant finish all in one. It is a very popular brand of decoupage

Feature pumpkins in your decor. Most people think that pumpkin is used in Halloween festivities, but it’s not true it is also used in spring, autumn, summer, and winter for decorating your house. You can easily find them at grocery stores for cheap. After buying remove the insides of it and decorate it with lights, make designs on it, do whatever you like. After decorating, you can keep it in the hall, drawing room, near windows or wherever you want. If you are searching for the long time investment, then buy fake pumpkins because you don’t have to replace them for a year.

Use a tree branch as a table centerpiece. Decorating tree branches is not a difficult task. It will be the best on a table centerpiece. You can also add flowers, grasses or any decorative material you want to add. You can decorate it in various styles like with candles, lights or with fake leaves. Though, the tree branches are free of cost.

Reusing Items 

Turn tiered cake or serving platters into centerpieces. Centerpieces are the most important thing on the table when you are doing family gathering, parties or any function. You can decorate your table with small pumpkins, apples, leaves, ribbons, and candles on serving platters that might have once featured a wedding cake. For making your home welcoming add a centerpiece to the entryway table.

Using scarves in the display. Decorating with scarves is very easy. You can easily find them in stores. The red scarf will be the best with the brown table. Decorate it with pumpkins, tree or anything you like.

Write a festive quote or message on a chalkboard. Writing a message or a  quote on a chalkboard is pretty cool. You can put that board on the entryway, this will make more welcoming and warm.

Make a potpourri. It is basically a mixture of dried things like flowers, leaves, branches or any natural plant material, It will also make your room more fragrant. This will help you to feel more calm and cozy. Instead of buying it, you can also make at home. Flowers potpourri will be a long time investment because it can last anywhere from two months to 20 years.

Some Crafty Ideas

Use free printables in any season. It is very easy and cheap to decorate your home. Search for printables according to the season is going like you can search “fall printables”, “summer printables”, “monsoon printables” or you can also search for quotes.

Make a wreath. Your entry door should be the prettiest in the whole house. You can buy or make a wreath of red roses, leaves, tree branches, berries, foliage, pumpkins or ribbons. In addition, you can also use potpourri. Make alphabets with these things. Using wind chime will be best because it will make guests entry more soothing, warm, and welcoming.

Create your own garland. It is very similar to the wreath and mostly used in festive seasons. It is a chord which is made up of different types like flowers, leaves any natural plant material. Rather than buying, make it at home, you just need string and leaves. After making it hang it on every door of your house or anywhere else you want.

Shopping Smartly

Take advantage of post-season sales. Almost every store gives post-season sales. Why not take advantage of this sale and buy materials at a cheap price. However, at the end of the season, they need to clear the stock and make the room for the next one.

Buy some materials from thrift stores. Thrift stores are where you can buy second-hand materials for your house. You should check out the store and you will easily find candle holders, picture frames, vases and containers at very cheap prices. These items will help you in decorating your home.

Visit your nearest dollar store. A Store with inexpensive items is called dollar store. You can also buy things for your home decoration. Though, it usually offers seasonal decorations at cheap prices.

Buy decor in neutral colors. Neutral means without color, such as black, gray, ivory, taupe, beige and shades of white. Buying decor in a neutral color will be a long time investment because you can reuse certain pieces throughout the year.