Functional Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

8 Functional Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas That Give Extra Storage

Thinking of renovating your kitchen pantry? Select a kitchen cabinetry design that offers maximum storage space as well as good organization. In order to create functional and organized kitchen pantry design, you should ensure constructing built-in, walk-in and freestanding spaces. You can also combine one or more styles to add to your designing. Here are 8 functional kitchen pantry design ideas offering extra storage space.

{ 1 } Open Shelving For Kitchen Pantry

Open Shelving For Kitchen Pantry
Walk-In Pantry With Open Shelves And Wine Freezer In Modern Kitchen By MAK Design & Build Inc.
On the left-hand side of the wall of the grey colored kitchen pantry, place steel closed cabinets. The cabinet has transparent glass doors so you can see through to view its contents. Inside this cabinet, the rows of slanted wooden shelves are good for storing wine bottles. You can open this cabinet by pulling the fixed two vertical steel handles. Above this, there are two steel colored cabinets side-by-side. These are not transparent and have horizontal handles. You can use these cabinets as extra storage space. On the opposite wall, place another steel cabinet with 7-rows of open shelves from ceiling to floor.

Further, these shelves can be divided into vertical divisions for assorted storage of various food items. These include cans of processed foods, boxes of cereals, and other packets of foods. Additionally, you can store cooking oils and various sauces you add for flavoring cooked dishes. Above the grey colored kitchen countertop, you can create three rows of wooden shelves for storage. You can utilize these open spaces for storing food items (salt, sugar, flour, etc.) in jars. You can also place colorful pots with lids and baking dishes in one or two rows. On one of the wooden rows at the left-hand side, you can arrange your recipe books.

{ 2 } Swing Out Shelves For Storage

Swing Out Shelves For Storage
Cabinets That Swing Out In Custom Pantry By The Hammer & Nail Inc. | Photo By Steve Rossi
If your kitchen pantry has space constraint, then you can design swing out shelves in the cabinet. Use white colored wooden cabinets for creating swing out shelves for storage. There are strong steel handles for opening them as and when required for storage or retrieving. In one of these cabinets, there is a tall shelf with a transparent glass door. Below this shelf, make one of the cabinets having swing out shelves. On opening the swing out shelves, you would discover there are several rows of open spaces.  You can use these shelves for storage after sorting out the food items. There are two sides of the first cabinet.

After opening both sides, in the mid-portion, you would find rows of shelves for more storage. You can use all open spaces for storing bottles, cartons, packages of drinks and foods. In addition to that, you can create more than one cabinet with swing out shelves for storage. Another cabinet in the kitchen pantry has been designed to reach the ceiling from the floor. There is also another for storing in rows of open space along with drawers. You can create and design cabinets with swing out shelves for your convenience. Below the kitchen countertop, you can add 3-drawers one-on-top of the other for extra storage.

{ 3 } Use Pull-out Shelves

Use Pull-out Shelves
Accessible Storage Solution In Tall Kitchen Pantry By Abundance Organizing
Create wooden shelves with steel frames and racks of various widths at varying heights. On the bottom shelf, place several tinned processed foods in neat rows. Above it, place bottles containing oil and other food items in packages. You can place cereals of different kinds.  On the steel rack above, place packets of soups, and sachets of hot drinks. Above this, place several identical jars containing whole grains, and more. On the top shelf, place identical tall jars filled with sugar, brown sugar and other items.

{ 4 } Install Corner Cabinets

Install Corner Cabinets
Corner Drawers With Extra Storage And Easy Access By Cutting Edge Cabinetry
Below the kitchen countertop made of white granite, install white wooden colored corner cabinets. This cabinet is made of four drawers with two brown handles. You have to pull out these drawers for storage. You can use these spaces for storing napkins and mats. In another drawer, you can store a rolling pin, hand-blender and more. Corner cabinets can utilize the tricky corner space which is otherwise wasted for easy storage. They make your simple kitchen cabinetry look beautiful, innovative, and functional.

{ 5 } Steel Shelves For Open Pantry

Steel Shelves For Open Pantry
Against one of the walls of the kitchen pantry, place steel shelves for storage. This model has three vertical divisions from top to bottom. These divisions are divided into 7 rows of open spaces providing you with varying heights. In each shelf, you can separately arrange and store cereals, whole grains, lentils, oils, sauces and more. Ensure that you store the heavy bottles of juice or drinks at the bottom shelf.

{ 6 } Use Vertical Space For Storage

Use Vertical Space For Storage
Magnetic Spice Rack And High Wall Cabinetry By Insight Homes Inc
In the kitchen pantry, use the vertical wall for making storage spaces from ceiling to floor. Use grey colored wooden planks to create open space shelves. Place these such that you get 3 vertical shelves with a total of eight rows. You can sort out and store various food items. Since the rows of open space reach the ceiling, you need to use a steel ladder.

{ 7 } Lighted Pantry Drawers

Lighted Pantry Drawers
Vertical Roll-out Pantry Shelves With LED Lighting By Benvenuti And Stein | Photo By Norman Sizemore
Install lights inside your cabinets and drawers present in the kitchen pantry. Thus, the light in the cabinet helps you in finding what you are looking for. Create two identical cabinets. Make these cabinets grey in color on the outside while light peach on the inside. Each of these cabinets should end up in having seven rows from top to bottom. You may have vertical divisions too. In one of the cabinets, you can store dishes, plates, and bowls for meals and snacks. In the other cabinet, you can store boxes of cereals, foods, and cans of processed foods. Also, you can stock cooking oils and various sauces in bottles. Adding LED lights to pantry drawers can further glam up your kitchen lighting design.

{ 8 } X Cubes For Storing Bottles

X Cubes For Storing Bottles
Against one of the vertical walls of your kitchen pantry, create white rows of open shelves. On the top shelves, you can store kitchen towels. In the shelves below, you can store identical jars of cereals, beverages, sugar, and brown sugar. In other rows of different heights, you can place boxes of cereals, and other foods. Here, the most important creative design is adding X Cubes for storing bottles. These bottles contain wine from good vineyards. Technically, wine bottles should be stored at a slant such that the alcohol wets the cork. Hence, the X Cube shape for storing wine bottles is ideal.