How to Get a Modern Classic Dining Room

A modern classic dining room is an absolute dream, and once you find yourself with a beautifully styled room you’re going to enjoy a timelessly chic space that’s both comfortable and functional. Getting yourself there? Not so breezy, that’s why you’re here! Follow these nifty tips and tricks to get yourself a gorgeous modern classic dining room that you and your family can make endlessly magical memories in…

Get comfortable with a little mixing and matching

First thing’s first, realise that when you’re asking a room to be both modern and classic, all at the same time, you’ll need to get familiar with the notion of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Switching it up and blending two homewares styles together is what decorating is all about! Modern design is all about clean lines, fresh open spaces, long vertical lines and functionality. Classic, on the other hand? Classic likes to keep it, well, classic (who’d have thought, I know!) This means scalloped edges, clean neutrals that blend beautifully with one another, ornate pieces and timeless materials. Marry these elements with one another, and you have yourself a striking, unique dining room on your hands! Choose a stunningly bold dining table in a sleek, uncomplicated shape and pair it with more ornate, scallop edged dining chairs – there’s your contrast done and dusted already! Of course you can play around as much as you like, so long as you actually play. The modern classic style is by no means for the meek, if you prefer the more traditional route you might want to stay with good old fashioned classic.

Image source: 1825 Interiors

Choose colours carefully

Colours make so much difference to a space! Don’t forget about them! The right tones can totally transform your home, and the relative concept of right really depends on the type of atmosphere that you’d like to create in your dining room. Looking to impress with a deep, dark, moody dining scene that’s amazing for entertaining even the most sophisticated of dinner guests? Look for muted greys, inky navies and even deep black to put a brooding contemporary twist on your classic pieces. Maybe you’re more into the lighter, brighter side of dining experiences? In that case, your colours are going to have to match! Lean into the classic colour palette and pick creams, duck eggs, greys and whites for a subtler, softened contemporary scene. Hop online to get some visual inspiration if you’re feeling lost!

Layer your lighting, but make it modern

Layered lighting is a brilliant crossover between the contrasting worlds of modern and contemporary. One stark over the head light just isn’t going to cut it in the ambience department. Invest in a few lamps to get just the right mood, whenever you want it. Choose clean cool toned shade on contemporary lamp stands for a more modern impact, or opt for warmer, decorative shades for something slightly more classic. 

Invest, people!

Lastly, whether you’re leaning more modern or classic, you always should be investing in your furniture. In fact, no matter what design style you’re going for, you should always, always be investing in your furniture. Look for long lasting, natural materials such as reclaimed timber, pine, glass, iron, steel and ceramics to find quality items that you’ll treasure forever. With furniture you really do get what you pay for, so go slow and secure items that will be a part of your family as well as your home. 

Ready to get that modern classic dining room you’ve always dreamed of? Thought so!