Bold And Beautiful Home Exterior Design

6 Home Exterior Design Trends That Are Bold And Beautiful

From the perspective of a homeowner, the exteriors appearance and looks of their home can determine the overall worth of the property.  Whenever you want to calculate the overall value of your property, you will have to think twice about the exterior designs of your home.  If those exterior designs of your home are pleasing and good looking enough, you can make better value of your property doubtlessly. This statement is enough to understand how important the exterior designing concept is for every homeowner. However, you can work on some special and trending exterior design ideas, like the ones given here, to make your home look stunning and bold. Let’s check the exterior design ideas one by one:

{ 1 } Dark Colors in Home Exterior Design

Dark Colors in Home Exterior Design
Custom Home Exterior In Dark Color By Petrucci Johnson Group | Photo By Martin Vecchio

The dark color in home exterior design is a very unique and trending exterior design idea on which you can work as shown in this picture. Once you explore the picture, you will find how the dark colors are making with the exterior of a home look totally bold and appealing. Every homeowner has some confusion when it comes to choosing appropriate colors for the exterior design. Due to the same reason, you will need to work on the special dark colors in home exterior design idea. This is really a very special and innovative home exterior design idea. This is a very unique and trending exterior home design idea which can be used by you for the purpose of increasing the value or worth of your property.

{ 2 } Painted Bricks Are Trendy

Painted Bricks Are Trendy
Beautiful Seamless Exterior With Painted Bricks By Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Design

How you can make your home look unique and aesthetically pleasing? Well, painted bricks are becoming very famous and popular all across the world. If you are also looking for some creative and functional exterior home design ideas, the painted bricks design idea can become highly productive for you without any kind of doubt. The painted bricks will look glorious and wonderful. Make sure that you will not commit a single mistake while working on this spectacular idea for designing the exteriors of your home. When you want to increase the overall property value it’s important to go with the best exterior designs like this idea. The painted bricks can easily make your home look appealing and attractive.

{ 3 } Mixed Materials For Exterior

Mixed Materials For Exterior
Modern Exterior With Natural Stone Accents In Denver Modern By Materials Marketing

Do you want to design the experience of your home with the mixed materials? If a reply comes yes from your side then you can go with the mixed materials for the exterior design idea. Once you explore this picture, you will find how beautiful the exterior part of the home is looking by simply using the mix the materials. The overall value of your property will increase with the use of mixed materials for exteriors. Selection of color can become a very demanding task for you and that’s why you need to take some valuable advice and suggestion from your loved ones. You can work on the mixed materials for exterior design idea now as you have some basic information about it.

{ 4 } Outdoor Fireplaces Are Hot

Outdoor Fireplaces Are Hot
Stunning Home Exterior Design With A Cozy Outside Fireplace By True North Builders

If you really want innovative home exteriors then you can go with the outdoor fireplaces. This is a totally unique and mesmerizing exterior design idea. If you are looking for some creative exterior home design ideas, outdoor fireplaces are a hot and trending alternative. Once you work on the outdoor fireplace idea, you can see the positive outcomes of the same almost immediately. This is yet another incredible home exterior design trend on which you can take some serious actions for the purpose of increasing the overall value and worth of your property.

{ 5 } Highlight The Trim in Contrasting Color

Highlight The Trim in Contrasting Color

Are you looking to work on some special home exterior design ideas? If yes, you can go with the idea of highlighting the trim in contrasting color. Sometimes, simply repainting your exteriors is not enough. You need to try something new and different to make a bold statement. One way to achieve this is to highlight the architecture and structure of your home. For homes with a prominent roofline and trim, this is not difficult. Simply color the trim in a different and contrasting shade than the rest of your exteriors. This will highlight the trim and put the focus on your home’s architecture. Highlighting the trim can amplify the overall value of your property without any great efforts.

{ 6 } Outdoor Plants and Green Spaces

Outdoor Plants and Green Spaces
Beautiful Landscaping For Home Exterior By Heydt Designs | Photo By David Duncan Livingston

How you can make your home’s exterior look pleasing and attractive? Well, you can work on the outdoor plants and green spaces exterior design idea. All you need are some outdoor plants and trees to increase the value of your property instantly.  Landscaping the front lawn and backyard can have many benefits. Just like low-maintenance indoor plants can beautify your home or office desk with little effort, the same is also true for your garden. you can plant some low-maintenance and hardy plants to give your garden year-round appeal. Green plants improve the air around your home and make it look appealing. Good landscape design can truly uplift the look of any home garden. They can also increase your curb appeal. All this can also add greatly to the resale value of your home.

With the help of the above-listed ideas, you can make your home worthwhile and stunning without any great effort.