Mediterranean Style Foyer Design

12 Fantastic Foyer Design Ideas To Revamp Your Home’s Entry

When you walk in through the front door of any home, the first thing you notice is the entry or foyer. A beautiful foyer design can make a lasting impression on your guests. A well-designed foyer can also reflect your personal taste and help make your guests feel welcome instantly. Moreover, the best place of exhibiting your most prized artwork collection is at the home entry or foyer. These include artifacts, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and more. Your guest and visitors walk in through the home entry and know your taste and aesthetic sense. Here are 12 fantastic foyer design ideas you can use to revamp your home entrance.

{ 1 } Mid-century Modern Foyer Design

Mid-century Modern Foyer Design
Grand Elegant Entry In Luxury Water Views, St. Petersburg By Terri White Design

On one of the walls of the foyer, hang a circular mirror that should be at eye level. Place numerous narrow and long rays made of brass around the mirror. After completion, the entire image should resemble a brightly shining sun. Under this wall hanging, place a wooden table with three shelves. On the top shelf, place an Orchid plant and on either side place two table lights.

{ 2 } Eclectic Foyer With Colorful Decor

Eclectic Foyer With Colorful Decor

Use eclectic decorative wallpaper to cover the walls of the foyer. You can use special stone finished tiles for the floor. At one corner, there is a glass stained window allowing the light to stream in. You can place an antique desk that can be folded or extended in 3 parts. The center of the table has been used as a table top.

{ 3 } Hollywood Glamour In Contemporary Entry

Hollywood Glamour In Contemporary Entry
Luxurious Look With Gold Details By Rosenmayr Interiors

From the ceiling, hang a modern chandelier whose reflection shines from the stained glass windows. Place a sleek wooden table with a glass table top. On two extreme ends of the table, place two circular stools with golden edges. The floor is made with polished tan tiles with a special design using white and black tiles.

{ 4 } Minimal Design Simple Entryway

Minimal Design Simple Entryway

Guests enter the foyer with a floor made of polished woods. In the adjacent wall, there is a small, square-shaped, outlet for light to enter. Below the window, place a wooden frame and roll of the mat for sitting. Underneath, you can have 4 open spaces for storage. On the adjacent wall, place two wooden framed lampshades right next to each other. Below these, place two similar framed artworks preferably at two different heights. Under the framed artworks, place antique furniture on top of which you can place a brass vessel.

{ 5 } Mediterranean Style Foyer Design

Mediterranean Style Foyer Design
Exotic, Glamorous Entry In Winnetka Residence By Cook Architectural Design Studio

Use tiles that are mostly white colored with a single black spot to make perfect elegant flooring. Place an oriental handmade carpet. Further away, on the wall, hang a gigantic mirror with golden decorated frame. Below the mirror, place polished wooden cabinets for storage. On either side of the cabinet, place two similar looking wooden chairs. These chairs have deep red colored cushions embroidered in golden thread. From this room, people can walk through an archway into the adjacent room. Also, there is a staircase to reach the rooms above.

{ 6 } Traditional Entry With Extra Storage

Traditional Entry With Extra Storage
Traditional Entryway With Coat Hooks And Storage By Archer & Buchanan Architecture | Photo By Angle Eye

There are traditional built-in cabinets at different levels. Touching the ceiling, place two cabinets with transparent doors keeping them wide apart. Below these cabinets, on each side, place two additional white colored wooden cabinets of varying sizes. In the middle space between the top two cabinets, place three transparent storage spaces. Below this section, add two hooks for hanging coats and other accessories. Under the hooks, you can create a wooden seat with soft tan colored cushion.

{ 7 } Bright Transitional Entry Decor

Bright Transitional Entry Decor
Soft, Colorful, And Inviting Foyer Decor By JCD Custom Home Design | Photo By Nick Bayless

You can decorate the foyer with shades of very light blue. Color the main door light blue and on either side of it, use transparent glasses. On the adjacent wall, create a geometrical design and allow the outside light to stream in. Below this light outlet, place a sleek wooden decorative table. On the top shelf, you can place a transparent vase of flowers. From the ceiling, hang a chandelier with six modern lamp shades. Use the same sized lights on the wall. On the polished floor, place a carpet designed with light blue and orange colors.

{ 8 } Simple Functional Entryway Design

Simple Functional Entryway Design

You can use this design to save spaces in modern homes. Focus on the stairway to create this design. The space right under the ascending steps can be used for sitting using a mattress and cushions. Add two drawers side-by-side for extra storage. Add a vertical separator to create two rowed compartments. On top, the smaller storage open space is used for storing items. On the bottom compartments, there are facilities for hanging backpacks and accessories. There are two side-by-side draws for storage.

{ 9 } Rustic Farmhouse Style Entryway

Rustic Farmhouse Style Entryway
High Ceiling And Glass Doors In Ardmore Avenue By David Watson Architects

The wooden floor is made in designs of waves or rectangles. Place a white colored animal skin as the rug. Against the wall, you can place a sleek sofa with a thin cushion to sit on and for a backrest. Also, you can add a cushion for comfort. Adjacent to the sofa, you can place a two-tier sturdy table. On the top shelf, you can place a basket full of African violet or handmade silk flowers and shrubs. On the far side, you can place a lone chair to sit on. Opposite to the chair and against the wall, you can place a wooden table. On top of the table, you can add decorations.

{ 10 } Traditional Foyer With Old-world Charm

Traditional Foyer With Old-world Charm
Soft Colors And Traditional Decor In Scarsdale, New York By B Fein Interiros LLC

The traditional foyer opens into the main ground floor. The entire setup of this room is done in a combination of light grey and light brown. The brown wooden floor is well polished. At the center of the room, you can place a circular carpet. The detailed design of the carpet is also in grey and brown. On this carpet, you can place a darker wooden round table having four sleek legs. On top of the table, you can place two golden candle stands with thick white candles. Next, to it, you can place a blue vase filled with leaves, and wildflowers. The colors of the walls, windows, and doors are all in light grey color.

The staircase along with the railing is in brown color. You can add light grey colored carpeting to the stairs. On the wall next to the staircase, there is a famous painting in light grey and brown colors. From the grey colored ceiling, you can hang a grey colored chandelier above the circular table.

{ 11 } Coastal Glam In Foyer Design

Coastal Glam In Foyer Design
Elegant Yet Casual Beach Style Entry In Cape Cod By Norman Design Group Inc.

The wooden floor is specially designed to resemble the nautical. You can place two sized woven baskets one on top of the other on the bottom shelf of the wooden furniture pushed against the wall. The table also has four consecutive drawers of the same size. On the top shelf, you can place a table lamp with a brown shade. Adjacent to this, you can hang a circular mirror with a frame made of shells.

{ 12 } Eclectic Entryway In Bright Colors

Eclectic Entryway In Bright Colors
Modern Seating And Wall Gallery In Eclectic Foyer By Heidi Caillier Design | Photo By Haris Kenjar

This beautiful foyer design is full of bright colors, rich patterns, and many textures that are typical in eclectic design. You can use white to brighten the room. From the ceiling, you can hang a white chandelier. On the floor, you can place a wide rug. Also, you can place a sofa designed with white and blue along with comfortable cushions. You can place white and brown rugs on the steps of the staircase. On one corner of the staircase, you can leave a big earthen pot. You can decorate your wall with many framed small photographs or paintings.