11 Fabulous Foyer Design Ideas For An Inviting Entrance

It’s fun to invite people over your home. And when we invite people we tend to start cleaning our homes from every nooks and corner. We ensure that every other place is organized. We give attention to every little detail of the interiors. But most of the time people form an impression way before entering into any room. The first impression of our home is possessed by the foyer design and this is when people from a variety of thoughts about your home and you. So, therefore, the entryway should set the mood and vibe for the homes.

Ever seen a wedding place? The entryway has a different vibe as the guests normally stop for a while and mingle with each other. Similarly, your home foyer plays a similar role. The only point is that each element in the foyer design of your home has to be catchy enough at a glance and set in a vibe. People often wonder that if their foyer design doesn’t match their home interiors then it turns out to be a total turn off. Therefore there are a variety of foyer designs to choose from.

{ 1 } Soothing Colors For Foyer Design

Soothing Colors For Foyer Design
The colors which are light in tints often look soothing and can calm down a person who has just got in from a rush environment. It deeply affects the overall purpose of a person’s visit. If a person is happy, he/she can get more elated while a person with anger can calm down. The theme of the foyer doesn’t necessarily comprise of all light colors. Some other colors can be taken as highlight colors to reflect certain features.

{ 2 } Grand And Beautiful Mediterranean Entry

Grand And Beautiful Mediterranean Entry
If you have a huge foyer then this is the theme you should pick to make your home look grand. This theme has warm colors mixed with royal elements such as a wrought iron chandelier. European style wall mounted lamps and ceiling lamps appetize the look. Yellowish coffee colors play a major role along with yellow lightings glowing in almost every part. The dull colors are complimented by mahogany brown color to complete the look. One can put up carpets and pots with elegant designs.

{ 3 } Eclectic Entry With Colorful Accents

Eclectic Entry With Colorful Accents
Want to spice up your boring home interiors then definitely colors are very vital in this case. Use many colors together and bring out harmony. The major problem faced during this is that many colors don’t go well with each other, this disturbs the whole harmony and spoils the mood expected to be projected. For this one must-see for various color schemes and also test whether it goes with the design or not. Flowers, fabrics, and paintings are some elements that can simply bring a lot of colors.

{ 4 } Simple Beach Style Foyer Design

Simple Beach Style Foyer Design
Beaches are fun, isn’t it? That’s because they are so calming and easy going. There are very fewer elements in it but those elements are very impactful and relaxing. One of the best ways is to paint the walls white so that most of the light reflects when the natural light falls on it. Space seems to be much open. One can incorporate natural wavy textures that resemble the sea waves. Also adding subtle colors against the white walls is a very good idea. Natural forms of palm leaves can be taken as inspiration and used in furniture or wall hangings. Some nice handicrafts could be kept on a dashboard such as wooden toys, jute crafts, etc. Seating could be also handmade.

{ 5 } Rustic Farmhouse Entryway Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Entryway Decor
The rustic look is the best as it makes the vibe go nostalgic. For the rustic farmhouse look, some elements are very important. Firstly there should be a quite lot of brown in its various tints and tones. The walls could be coffee tinted and there could be various frames capturing the memories. The rustic table is a must for this theme as it serves as a display dashboard for most of the little rustic elements. Lampshades, cushions and small dark green bushes could freshen up the environment.

{ 6 } Clean Lines And Rich Textures In Entry

Clean Lines And Rich Textures In Entry
Sometimes complicated forms are present which are often not even noticed properly and also create visual clutter. This can be simplified by simple line work and effective use of textures such as some elegant designs. Some simple forms can be taken into account. Along with tactile textures, visual textures could be added which just adds depth to the simple forms. Simple lines, shapes, and forms can be used to create a geometric.

{ 7 } Midcentury Style Entryway Decor

Midcentury Style Entryway Decor
This type of entryway was invented in the mid-century because of the low production cost and effective designs. The designs in this theme are quite easy to build upon. They are geometric and are quite easy to build. One of the major features is the circular mirror which gives an illusion of a bigger area.

{ 8 } Colorful Bohemian Foyer Design

Colorful Bohemian Foyer Design
This type of theme has a very colorful arrangement of various elements. Boho means something unconventional and creative way of arranging things. Various arts and crafts can be lined up in some utility objects. While one can also frame collectibles and put it on walls or use it in some objects. Likewise one can modify oldies to turn into beautiful decoratives.

{ 9 } Nostalgic Feel In Vintage Entryway

Nostalgic Feel In Vintage Entryway
This theme has some dreamy features which can get one into nostalgia. There are various elements in it which represent vintage. One of these elements is its muted warm colors which imbibe the feel of nostalgia. To differentiate some elements from the others some tones of cool colors. Some pink and violet flowers can also bring freshness to the theme. Apart from this, the designs are usually having a lot of curves and intricacy. Display antiques to match up with the theme. One can get these antiques online or buy from auctions too.

{ 10 } Give Your Foyer A Tropical Touch

Give Your Foyer A Tropical Touch
One wants a refreshing entry every time. If refreshment is the mood then one can not go wrong with the tropical theme. The tropical theme has mostly bright colors and elements that pop out easily. The best option to create this theme is to plant bright flowering plants and some green lush. The theme requires a correct balance of colors as an all bright combination is a no-no. Therefore to balance the whole thing one can put bamboo crafts as it has a subdued color and it also goes well with the plantation and furniture.
{ 11 } Scandinavian Minimalism In Foyer Design
Scandinavian Minimalism In Foyer Design
If you want minimalist, to the point décor then nothing is much better than a Scandinavian theme. It has almost very fewer elements that remove the visual clutter. There is a wide usage of color white as it makes the place look bigger. The other colors used such as black, brown, etc. contrast nicely with white. The furniture design can also be minimalist. One can keep hooks for directly hanging things after coming from outside to avoid keeping things at the wrong place. The major advantage of this theme is that it keeps the place clean as well as organized.