Modern Eclectic Kitchen

20 Trendy Eclectic Kitchen Ideas You must see

Eclectic is without a shadow of a doubt one of the hardest decorating styles to pull off and yet can be the most rewarding.While eclectic living rooms are already incredibly popular in homes all over the world, the idea of a delightful eclectic kitchen is something that is still catching on.

Every eclectic kitchen is different and what works for one might not really seem so appealing in the other. But there are still some basic design principles that work well even in a bold eclectic kitchen that shuns convention.
From color and texture, to a blend of styles and organizational flair, the 20 fascinating eclectic kitchens on display today offer a world of amazing ideas for your own kitchen.

The Color Choice

Color Choices

If you love color, then going eclectic is both a delight and a challenge for you.Putting together kitchen cabinets, worktops, chinaware and energetic walls in contrasting hues can be a pretty daunting task. Remember that if you are picking more than 4 or 5 colors for your eclectic kitchen, you will need some other element to bind all the conflicting elements together.
Another smart approach is using a colorful backdrop for the kitchen by painting the walls in a bright and unexpected hue, but picking cabinets and decor in a neutral palette.

Smartly Organized – Kitchen

Smartly Organized - Kitchen

Floating shelves, dependable cabinets and convenient drawers make up a large part of the kitchen and will play a pivotal role in shaping your eclectic culinary space. A smart approach is to keep one of the two elements, the style of the cabinets or their color constant, while playing with the second aspect. This will give the kitchen a curated appeal and a cozier look.

Favorite Style – Your own personalization

Favorite Style - Your own personalization

So what exactly is eclectic style? It simply is the lack of a defined conventional style, but that does not mean you should not pick one particular theme or look that you love to dominate the setting. In fact, pick a clear style, as the protagonist of the room makes your decor, kitchenware, color and shelving choices a lot easier. Whether you like the industrial chic style with a minimal twist or a cozy farmhouse style with modern aesthetics, by choosing a more specific decorating direction, the task of shaping the eclectic kitchen becomes far less confusing and overwhelming. You can always add a quirky twist or four to this central theme to personalize the kitchen.

Natural Connections

Natural Connections

Conventional white painted cabinets and the sleek marble countertop to create an eclectic kitchen with a natural connection. Glass look on cabinets and naturally finished floor add to kitchen’s organic feel, while two types of sparkling pendant lights contribute a contemporary cottage vibe.

Give it a Fancy look

One part elegant, one part fanciful, this eclectic kitchen presents refined details alongside more relaxed furnishings. A paneled range hood and bead-draped chandelier take traditional ideas up a notch, while perky red stools and colorful dishware introduce a sense of playfulness that eases the kitchen’s formality.

Mixing up with cabinets

mixing up with cabinets

Two different cabinet finishes and a jazzy linoleum floor move a traditionally designed kitchen into modern times. The flooring’s cool colors, mottled texture, and abstract pattern, as well as the island’s natural wood tones, contribute a one-of-a-kind design. The not-quite-matching elements are essential to successful eclectic designs.

Modern Vintage

Vintage accents, a skirted sink cabinet, and a period light fixture contribute pops of color and further the kitchen’s assembled-through-the-ages character.

Farmhouse – Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen look

Diversity reigns at every level of this kitchen. Light fixtures vary, including classic drum-shaded pendants, schoolroom-style fixtures, and Moroccan-influenced pendants. Pearlescent backsplash tiles, cool metal stools, and stainless-steel appliances provide modern counterweights to traditional marble countertops and painted cabinets. Hand-scraped floorboards supply a rustic anchor for the kitchen’s eclectic finishes.

Modern eclectic kitchen

Modern Eclectic Kitchen

This eclectic kitchen is superbly natural and perky.The color scheme is utterly neutral and bright which adds the natural and inviting feel of the interior.

Small Eclectic Kitchen

Small Eclectic Kitchen

The pastel color scheme works great for this retro eclectic kitchen with galley layout. We love the simple and yet inspiring setting in the overall bright and lively eclectic kitchen.

Vintage Eclectic Kitchen

vintage Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

We love the Mediterranean feel of this amazing eclectic kitchen. The black and white geometric floor striking thorough the pastel green cabinets set a superb contrasting effect and nice visual appearance in the place. The vintage wallpaper backslash and rustic green beam decorated with old milk jugs add nice eclectic feel in the place.

Stylish eclectic Kitchen

Stylish eclectic Kitchen

So cool and eclectic, right? The Eiffel white chairs add modern and contemporary feel in the overall lively and colorful kitchen decorated with bright and hot colors. The pops of green, pink and orange against the glossy white cabinets create a nice vibrant ambiance in the overall fun eclectic kitchen.

Pink – Eclectic Kitchen

pink Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

The hot pink wall creates the quirky and distinctive ambiance in this super inspiring eclectic kitchen with bold decorative palette. The mismatched chairs create the interesting asymmetry in the interior, while the bold wood floating shelves add organized and neat appearance.

Dramatic – Eclectic Kitchen

Dramatic Eclectic Kitchen

This amazing loft kitchen has applied the eclectic decor through bright and opulent colors and industrial impurity of metallic bar stools. We love the pops of yellow kitchen island contrasting to the purple framed chalkboard that provides the tall brick walled interior with industrial and super modern statement.

Make it Interesting

Interesting Eclectic Kitchen

This is a perfect archetype of an eclectic modern kitchen. The mismatched blue and red kitchen chairs add color and quirky feel in the overall funky and lively kitchen. The brick wall decorated with fun retro art and dark wood floating shelve create a nice backdrop and along with the rustic copper pendant contribute to the magnificent eclectic appearance of this kitchen.

Open Wood Shelves – Kitchen

open wood shelves kitchen

A wooden kitchen design is useful to anyone desirous of either traditional or contemporary interior.
This simple eclectic kitchen with an old refrigerator is really a cute one, don’t you think so?

Marble with Wood – Kitchen

Marble with Wood - Kitchen

A little bar in the kitchen is always something that makes it looks extraordinary. With specific design would make them look cozy or even fancy. This cute little bar with hanging shelves make your kitchen, not just a working space but also become a spot to rest while enjoying your light drink.

Hanging Lamps

Hanging Lamps

The simple Hanging lamps are here are really a peaceful part of the whole kitchen design. You can also use color lamps instead of simple lamps. The lamps always look good no matter how kitchen is designed. This also makes the kitchen eclectic.

Brick wall in natural way

natural Brick Wall

Natural bricks give the classic look to kitchen, What do you think about this eclectic kitchen? You may not ever be thought to match this natural brick wall with off-white cabinets and the countertop marble.

Distressed Wood Flooring

woody kitchen

Look at the combination with this wood and glass. Some part looks cozy, but some part also looks formal. The floor is another part that would make the whole design look contrast. So what is your impression about this? Ethnic? Cozy? I think is all come to just one word; nice!