contemporary kitchen ideas

25 + Contemporary Kitchen Ideas To Follow

You know the modern formula already: clean, open, minimal, functional. But you may not know how to make it more attractive, be family friendly or even giving little bit sleek design. A pop of color – whether it’s on vase of flowers, on the furniture, in a bowl of fresh fruit, or on a kitchen items like – Kettle, Toaster, Refrigerator, glasses, Kitchen Utensils, etc. – ensures that these kitchen items feel warm and welcoming. Make sure that you should have kitchen exhaust for improving Air Quality and Removal of grease. You can give cool look to your kitchen by few decorative accessories on shelves and countertops. Click through to see contemporary kitchen design ideas from Interior Style.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Silk White Wardrobe And Countertops

Kitchen in a sleek design has lovely shiny countertops of white solid glass.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Sexy Black Kitchens

Black kitchen can be seriously sexy and modern. But if you’re up for stepping outside of your comfort zone, black is another good option.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Warm Wood Elements

Wood with a very conspicuous grain is the modernist’s way to go. It’s still warm, but it’s got those nice, nearly symmetrical lines

contemporary kitchen ideas

Enough Counter Space

Having the space to prepare a meal and flow comfortably around your kitchen as you take part in the domestic magic that a kitchen brings you can thank the source of the comfort and the glue that holds it all together, the countertop.

Having the space to prepare a meal and flow comfortably around your kitchen as you take part in the domestic magic that a kitchen brings you can thank the source of the comfort and the glue that holds it all together, the countertop

Pump Up The Party

The oversize glass tiles on the backsplash are backed in silver leaf to brighten the already light and fun cooking space. Silver pendants give it party vibes

The oversize glass tiles on the backsplash are backed in silver leaf to brighten the already light and fun cooking space. Silver pendants give it party vibes


Though the stools are mid-century modern and the design is overall very minimal, the climbing vines backsplash gives this kitchen some life and color.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Raw Meets Modern

Think Raw and Modern can’t be mixed? This raw wood island is proof they totally can.

Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

Industrial – Look Kitchen

The exposed stone wall, concrete floor and stainless steel splashback in this extended Victorian terraced house create a raw, minimalist look when paired with the simple, black units.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Marble Kitchen Worktops

Sat in the space below an impactful mezzanine floor, it was designed to fit seamlessly into the living space, without becoming the dominant area.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Filled – Light Design

Knocking down the internal walls that separated three cramped rooms, as well as adding an extension, provided the large, open-plan space.

contemporary kitchen ideas

A Red Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are often kept white to reflect natural light around the room and create a bright space. However, this kitchen has been injected with a splash of colour that doesn’t darken the space.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Contrast With Kitchen

This converted medieval barn successfully combines 700-year-old beams with a sleek contemporary design. The timber beams and floors contrast with the sleek, modern units – exaggerated by metal struts that prevent the roof from bowing, whilst providing a point of architectural interest.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Monochrome Kitchen

With grey Caesarstone worktops and black and white gloss units, this modern kitchen has a striking, contemporary feel.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Clean And Uncluttered

An open and uncluttered layout is the essence of a modern kitchen. Take some ideas from this crisp, clean space. Open shelves extend below upper cabinets to keep everyday dishes tidy and on hand.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Stainless Steel Look

Materials play a big role in establishing the style of a modern kitchen. Sleek and clean-lined doesn’t have to mean stark and boring, though. A variety of materials, all in a cool, contemporary color palette, make this modern kitchen attractive and interesting.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Make an impact with Glass

Glass — and lots of it — is popular in clean-lined, contemporary homes, such as high-rise condominiums. Even if your kitchen is not lined with windows or your home’s architecture is more traditional, incorporate glass in other ways to enhance the bright, open, modern look.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Personality – Packed Kitchen

Whimsical accents and one-of-a-kind features transform this modern kitchen from a blank slate to a personality-filled hub for cooking and gathering.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Black And White – Kitchen

A crisp, black-and-white color scheme is the perfect complement to a sophisticated, contemporary kitchen.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Bright and Light – Kitchen

While dark colors often dominate modern design schemes, you can go light and bright in a contemporary kitchen, too. Bright wood cabinets and creamy golden granite countertops set atop color-infused slate floors demonstrate the light contemporary look in this clean-lined kitchen.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Linear Impact

While materials and colors play a big role in giving a kitchen a modern look, a concept as simple as linear design can have a striking effect, too.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Simple is Better

With modern design, seemingly simple details can make all the difference in achieving a clean, minimalist look.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Dramatic Kitchen Surfaces

The backsplash of large porcelain tiles colored and textured with a stone effect spans the entire stove wall from counter to ceiling, adding dramatic effect.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Cabinet doors with Frosted Glass

While glass-front cabinets are a popular component of modern kitchens, keeping your cabinet contents neat and tidy might not be for you. Frosted- or sandblasted-glass panels are sleek, contemporary options that disguise the inside of cabinets.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Colorful Cabinets

Modern design welcomes bold, and even whimsical, design statements, including bright colors. In the kitchen, look to the backsplash, light fixtures, and countertop accessories for ways to make a splash with color and pattern.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Wall of Kitchen Cabinets

A clean, streamlined look is popular in contemporary kitchens. To achieve this effect, design surfaces to be continuous and nearly seamless.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Gray – That’s not too bad

This kitchen is a lesson in how gray can be cool and calming, rather than dull. The minimalist cooking space blends statement lighting with a geometric backsplash to keep it feeling fresh and modern.

contemporary kitchen ideas

Color – Color – Color

Keep everything white, then add in pops of color from your serving ware