Bedroom Design Ideas for Modern Interior Design

A bedroom is usually considered as one of the most private spaces of your home. This is where you probably spend your free time relaxing and resting. Very often, many among us would long to read a book or listen to some music in a quiet corner of our bedrooms. Therefore the bedroom, if designed properly like bedrooms in the flats in Trivandrum, they can bring about a positive change in the way you spend time in this room. Depending on what colour, texture, furniture and flooring you choose, you can put together interesting and appealing themes for your bedroom.

The most popular bedroom design ideas adopted by Indian homes can be categorised under


Modern bedrooms are generally done in neutral shades of colours which lend them a classy look. Minimalistic design is the way to go when it comes to modern bedrooms. The neutral colours of the room can be juxtaposed with some vibrant hues here and there. You can experiment with geometric prints and abstract patterns in the room. Since the overall theme complies with a minimalistic design idea, it is recommended that you buy only a few furniture that maintains the functionality of the room.


Wooden floors or ceilings or even timber walls and bed frames provide a rustic charm to your bedroom. The rustic way of designing also needs a minimalistic approach. Earthy patterns and designs with some indoor plants are inevitable if you want to stick to the rustic theme of your bedroom. For example, you can have a wooden frame or twig frame mirrors that enhances the natural and simple feel of the overall design.


A Bohemian design is all about an eclectic mix of colours, patterns, textures or paintings and many other unique decorative ideas. To say the truth, when it comes to a bohemian design, one can go to any extent with one’s imagination. It is one of the most expressive among many bedroom design ideas. Bright colours like violet or purple for bed linens and pillows will add a pop of colour especially when used against wooden or light-coloured flooring. Accessorize your room using some antique showpieces or hang some fairy lights in a quiet corner of your room. Hanging colourful tapestry or dreamcatchers would be perfect to create a bohemian setting for your bedroom.


Industrialist style of design is a growing trend and it is usually implemented in modern homes today. This style features a raw, unfinished or weathered look. The key elements of this design include exposed brick walls, pipes or ducts. Introducing exposed pipes or ducts on the ceiling or walls will give a quirky, stylish warehouse look to your bedroom. Metal and steel or a combination of metal and wood are the go-to materials that will successfully carry off this theme. Opt for mild gray hues and avoid bright colours in your bedroom. Steel cabinets or metallic furniture like chairs and stools will boost the rough and stylish look of your bedroom.


Contemporary design is usually a blend of simple and sophisticated designs. This look is achieved with very basic accessories or furniture or one or two statement pieces that include an oversized bed or an eye catching wall painting. Needless to say, contemporary design is always trendy and encompasses a myriad range of design themes. One can opt for a cottage-themed bedroom or a classic theme featuring black and white patterns. Incorporating skylight windows or french windows in your bedroom also adds a fresh contemporary touch to the room.


Scandinavian style of design is predominantly characterized by limited usage of the colour palette mainly white, grey, black, pale blue or pastel shades. This style of designing can be traced back to the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark where the people experience long, cold and dark winters. This is one of the reasons why there is more focus on lighting. Abundant usage of white colour ensures that most of the incoming natural light is reflected inside the room. This mode of design usually exudes a peaceful vibe because of its light, airy and simple design.

Hope the above mentioned bedroom design ideas will inspire you to put together a brilliant decor for your bedroom. Enjoy the whole designing process!