Inspiring Ways To Use Bathroom Tiles To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Ideally, your bathroom should be safe and not slippery at any point in time. It is recommended to select vitreous and semi-vitreous finished tiles to decorate your bathroom. There are several types of material available in the market. The naturally found materials include Granite, Limestone, Marble, Natural Stone, and Saltillo. Meanwhile, man-made ones include Cement-bodied, Ceramic or Porcelain, Glass, Metal, Quarry, Slate, Terra-cotta, and Travertine. Decorative material can be both natural and man-made. This material is used for creating motifs (birds, leaves and natural items) and geometrical and mural/mosaic designs. To spruce up your bathroom, choose materials ideal for the following characteristics. These include affordable, durability, low-maintenance, and water-resistant that enable you to make several optional designs. Below are inspiring ways to use bathroom tiles to spruce up your bathroom.

{ 1 } Colorful Bathroom Subway Tiles

Colorful Bathroom Subway Tiles
Decorate the bathroom with colorful subway tiles using four basic colors. These could be light green, moss, grey and light grey. Create each rectangular tile with two shades such as green and grey. While preparing the tiles, use the green color at the left-side or the top. The remaining portion, cover with light grey colored tile. Arrange the tiles in rows and columns ensuring those tiles alternate in a horizontal and vertical position. The finished design of the floor appears as green steps amidst a light grey color. Add a thin white line border around the tile and use it for finishing touch.

{ 2 } Earthy Slate Tiles For Washroom

Earthy Slate Tiles For Washroom
Earthy slate tiles are made from naturally occurring stones making them durable and water-resistant. Decorating the walls of the bathroom with those tiles is ideal for protecting the room. Cover the walls of the bathroom with square-shaped earthly slate tiles. These are available in various shades of grey, yellow, brown and black. You can place a white-colored bath-tub on the floor at one corner.

{ 3 } Create Patterns With Penny Tiles

Create Patterns With Penny Tiles
Penny tiles are hexagonal shaped and colored black and white. You can create floral patterns using the black colored Penny Tiles as clusters. Cover the entire floor of your bathroom using white-colored Penny Tiles. Ultimately, the finished design should look like rows of black flowers amidst the white background. Place a white bath-tub along with a matching white and black floral designed shower curtain. On one corner place a white-colored sink. You can cover the shower and water-tub area with white rectangular tiles. Behind the wall with taps, place a closet having two wooden doors and a countertop with matching white granite.

{ 4 } Vibrant And Patterned Tiled Floors

Vibrant And Patterned Tiled Floors
You can use various vibrant and patterned tiles for covering the floors of the bathroom. Each tile used for the decoration can be of different colors. One can be black with a white star while another can be orange with a green star. Some tiles can have a Celtic design of black and white. Some can be made with different shades of blue on white. Meanwhile, other tiles can be designed in pink and green. The designs can vary starting from geometrical design to floral. Place white colored sink, toilet, and bath-tub as the contrasting color to decorate your bathroom.

{ 5 } Herringbone Bathroom Floor Tiles

Herringbone Bathroom Floor Tiles
Use natural stones and arrange them at an angle to form a Herringbone bathroom design. The colors of the stone vary from shades of brown to dark black. The edges make natural white borders after the flooring has been completed. Place a brown colored rug with black geometrical design. Cover all the walls with rectangular white tiles especially within the showering chamber. Use a grey and white colored shower curtain. Outside the shower chamber, at one corner place an indoor plant. Place a white-colored sink that extends into a tabletop for placing various items. Under this, place a basket full of rolled towels.

{ 6 } Moroccan Pattern Zellige Tiled Flooring

Moroccan Pattern Zellige Tiled Floors
You can cover the entire bathroom floor with Moroccan pattern Zellige tiles. These are predominantly colored in Persian blue and navy with white-colored designs and black border. The designs made with blue color are normally geometrical. The smaller ones have semi-circles at the corners of the motifs. Also, inside these smaller motifs, there are white colored flowers with a blue-colored center. The larger motifs show white colored geometrical designs with blue colored circular centers having a black border. You can add the same design at the foot of the white tub. Cover the tub with white-colored square-shaped tiles.

{ 7 } Large Hexagon Pattern Tiles

Large Hexagon Pattern Floors
Cover the entire floor of the bathroom with large hexagonal tiles that have six sides. You can easily fit them into compact areas ultimately creating a pattern resembling the honeycomb of bees. You can also use a dark color on the floor with a contrasting white bathing tub. On the walls, cover the lower portion with light green colored rectangular tiles. Above those, cover with white rectangular tiles to reach to the ceiling.

{ 8 } Polished Tiles For A Glossy Luxe Look

Polished Tiles For A Glossy Luxe Look
Cover the entire bathroom floor with small polished black tiles. Place them adjacent to each other and leave a thin border around each tile. The finished tiled floor leaves a glossy appearance that makes the bathroom attractive. Add a few creative bathroom lights to give the place an elegant and luxe look.  You can continue with the same pattern within the showering chamber and on the counter. Also, you can add a portion of the pattern on the wall above the sink. Use glass doors to enter into the showering chamber. Adjacent to this, place a wooden cabinet with two doors having two golden square knobs.

{ 9 } Marble Tiles For Patterned Bathroom Floors

Marble Tiles For Patterned Bathroom Floors
Marble is a natural material existing in several shades including white and grey. You can use that special feature of these marbles to create tiles and design the bathroom. The design resembles the Herringbone design of white and greyish colors. You can continue the same design in the showering space separated by glass doors. Place a white-colored bath-tub in one corner of the room. At the center of the bathroom, you can place a well-designed cushioned seat for placing attires.