20 Best Asian Kitchen Ideas

The beauty of an Asian kitchen is all about the sense of calmness and tranquility that it brings to a home along with sleek design that is perfect for contemporary homes.

The amazing thing about Asian-themed kitchens is the way in which they pretty much fit into any home and become a natural extension of any other design style – be it minimalism or traditional.

The 20 Glamorous Asian Kitchens is a list of beautiful kitchen designs that are totally viable in any home, so long as the resources are available to you.

Asian Residence Style

To make the kitchen classy and really timely use light color on walls and cabinets as shown in this kitchen. Use only one object of dark wood, here we used dark wood countertop. You can use anything dark to make the color combination good.

Pure Asian Style Kitchen

The main highlight of this kitchen is the green tiled wall. Use of dark and light wood cabinets are always look awesome. Using stainless steel appliances give the feeling of modern. Don’t afraid to use plants in kitchen, they are the most important thing to feel natural.

Organic Asian Kitchen

Main interesting thing in this kitchen is window blinds. The countertop gives Asian feeling, White wall and light wood cabinets are also major contribution to this Asian feeling. In addition you can use wood flooring, it looks organic and really beautiful.

Elegance Kitchen Style

This kitchen has the beautiful concept. See how the fridge look like cabinet.  Wooden floor and cabinets with Asian style marble countertop is always a great idea. In addition if you have windows, just open them to feel airy and comfy.

Simple Asian Kitchen

Plain Kitchens are amazing and interesting either its Asian or not, simple is always best. Glossy wooden appliances and steel appliances giving the simple kitchen look. White walls are also simple, no pop of color.

Mid-Century Asian Kitchen

The interesting things in this kitchen is horizontal lines of the cabinet doors. The uneven shape of the counter is the main highlight of this kitchen and it looks amazing too.

Modern Asian Kitchen

Kitchen with wood cabinets is glamorous design for better home and kitchenette. The wood style is modern and the interesting thing is wooden ceiling. It has big island and airy which  is connected with garden and give you the feeling of nature. Steel appliances are doing their job to give the modern feel.

Japanese Country Kitchen

Contemporary version of a Japanese home with the use of modern materials, furniture and decor. We love this space. Wooden ceiling and windows are awesome too.

Transitional Kitchen

A transitional kitchen incorporates some elements of modern kitchens and some elements of traditional kitchens. It should be geometric, clean and lines in countertops, cabinetry and other crafted elements. Use industrial light. A blend of natural material will feel traditional kitchen.

Mid-Century Remodel

Black and Brown kitchen always rocks. How the mixture of black and brown cabinets giving the luxury kitchen. Wooden floor giving the feel of rustic and windows are giving natural feel.

Tansu Cabinetry

Tansu is the traditional mobile storage cabinetry indigenous to Japan. Don’t you just like the backsplash in this fantasy kitchen? The island, the Chinese gate above the stove is really beautiful.

Wallpaper in Asian Kitchen

There is beautiful wallpaper that serves as a backsplash at the same time. Asian spaces are just gorgeous and totally homey.

Rustic – Asian Kitchen Style

All wood with white walls is always amazing. wooden floor and cabinets are giving rustic feel. Steel appliances giving the luxury feel.

Light Wood Flooring

Use dark color appliances when you have light wood floor. Don’t use much steel appliances. Handel bar of cabinets are so interesting here. Green Countertop giving you the Asian Kitchen Feeling.

Small Asian Kitchen

A galley In the kitchen with single tone wood, even wood flooring is also same here. If you want to change the color of wood floor you can change it.

U – Shaped Kitchen

Most practical kitchen is u-shaped. They usually work in large space, but even small kitchen can benefit. Keep your kitchen natural. You can go dark also.

L – Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen are very functional, Versatile and flexible design. Will allow multiple users at same time. Improves traffic flow. This modern kitchen layout features white and red cabinets, a black solid black countertop.

Indian Kitchen Design

Indian kitchen are so full of delicious and spicy food, healthy serving, quick recipes etc. Design kitchen in a compact and easy to work manner with modular furniture, cabinets, drawers, pullout trays, storage system etc.

Wooden Kitchen

Here, the appliances installed in kitchen are all of wood. Stairs are also made of wood. Steel appliances giving the Asian look.