6 Addicted TV Lounge Ideas

We are always occupied with our busy schedule from work or school, so we deserve time to relax by the end of the day or during the weekend. One of the most popular ways of relaxation is entertainment. Almost every home has a television and we often watch our favorite TV shows, movies or even browse the internet through a television.

People are fond of adding more features to their TV to access more services. Such as installing MX player for windows to enable the programs of a TV, especially a Smart TV to function more efficiently. Then they can add more services like Kodi addons to enjoy more programs. Of course, a great movie or browsing experience will become much better if your TV lounge is designed according to your style and preference — the most fascinating dream for most people.

6 Addicted TV Lounge Ideas

Almost everyone is into having a brand new television in his living room. You can enjoy your stress time with your family, but if you have a wider TV screen it is more enjoyable watching with friends. We will be showcasing the top 6 most popular living TV rooms ideas according to the people’s preference.

Concealing the Television

If you don’t want your TV to be the center of your TV lounge, you can place it in an area that you can easily cover, such as by a sliding door, a curtain or a frame. You can also put it behind a panel because it will blend to it once it closes.

Make your TV part of the gallery

Hanging the TV together with your pieces of art such as frames and canvas can make it look alike part of it. It will hide the TV giving you a more organized interior and make it look more intentional.

Place it on top or beside the fireplace

Putting the television above the fireplace will give you a more convenient and cozy screen time especially during winter. It makes you enjoy watching your favorite show or movie in a warmer environment, giving a taller look at the dimension of your TV lounge.

Positioning the TV beside the fireplace will give you an interesting continuous look because it has the same height as the fireplace and makes the space in the TV room more fascinating. Placing it beside the fireplace will also give you a warmer environment while sitting and cuddling on your couch.

Make it the center of attention

Hanging your TV on the wall with a few small objects beside it or nothing at all makes the television noticeable in the room, and it is a minimal wall display. It suits your taste if you want to focus on watching your favorite show without distractions from other decorations. It is a suggested design if you want it more simple and cleaner.

Surround it with storage

Surrounding your TV with a built-in storage has two benefits. You can create a more convenient spot for vulnerable items and you can protect your television on a shelf just the right size. It is considered as a classic design since most households years ago had the same setup. It is also one of the smartest ideas especially if you have kids at home to avoid breaking your TV.

Frame it with a surround

Framing your television makes it stand out in the room and makes it look in its perfect location. Thin wood is curved the frame the Tv and its surround to make it more noticeable in the room. It will also make the television the center of attention in your TV lounge.

Types of TV rooms that balance your style and functionality

Multifunctional rooms – making your TV room serve not just its sole purpose – watching TV but also you can utilize it as a home workspace, library or children’s playroom.

Choose the right decor- you can design your TV room with your preference from the location of the screen, decorations and color of the wall. You can also consider the arrangement according to your preference and what makes you convenient while spending your screen time.
Play with space and dynamics -putting a TV room will provide you a better experience because it will become an exclusive room just to watch your favorite movie or show.

Set the right mood- lighting is essential to a TV lounge and setting darker lightning is the best choice to have a suitable ambiance.


With the advances of technology and many influences in interior desig, most TV lounges are designed according to the latest trend. However, it is not the most important consideration for everyone. The atmosphere and experience still matter the most.

Do you have suggestions about the hottest TV lounge ideas today? If you have any suggestions feel free to reach us. We will be happy to hear your suggestion related to it.