5 Popular Indoor Plants and Their Benefits

House plant purchases have increased around 50% in the past few years, and millennials tend to be the primary purchasers.

How many plants have you purchased for your home recently?

You are missing out on this popular trend if your answer is one or less. Whether or not you are a plant parent, you could use the health benefits of introducing plants in your home. Some species have the power to ease allergies, reduce skin problems, and help blue light irritation.

Several popular indoor plants would make your start into horticulture easy. Continue reading for our five picks that can increase your wellbeing.

The Sansevieria for Toxin Cleansing

Snake plants are one of the most popular indoor plants that you’ll find scattered throughout all rooms of a house and across your social media feeds. They are low maintenance, have a long lifespan, and fit well in small spaces.

Snake plants serve as an air purifier, bringing a host of health benefits to your home. The team at Pots Planters & More says it perfectly that plants, like snake plants, have the power to transform. The plant absorbs excess carbon monoxide in the air and filters other toxins with its oxygen production.

Water your snake plant once a week, place it in some light, and watch your surroundings brighten.

The Hedera Helix for Healthier Bodies

The English Ivy plant is an excellent choice for shelf-sitting and wall climbing. You are bound to have the perfect spot for a tendril plant to sit.

The English Ivy works well in darkness and cold climates. You only need to mist it with water a few times a week to keep it growing. They also have a long lifespan when kept up!

This ivy plant offers many health benefits when introduced into your home. The ivy can ease respiratory conditions, fight bacteria, reduce allergies, and block histamines. With so many health properties, English Ivy should be your top pick for house plants. 

The Epipremnum Aureum for Eye Strain

Pothos plants are one of the most popular indoor plants because of their ability to live in all types of settings. The heart-shaped leaves add a touch of quirk, and the green, gold, and cream colors blend into many interior designs.

Pothos plants can survive in stretches of darkness and low light. They are also one of the most low maintenance plants and need very little water.

These popular indoor plants remove odors in your home and help alleviate eye irritation from too much blue light. Make sure to put a pothos where you both work and relax to reap the benefits.

The Ravenea Rivularis for Air Purification

Majesty palms are a popular choice for larger houseplants, creating a relaxing focal point in any room. The majesty palm is adaptable to your home’s design and can add a soft, textured element to the room.

Majesty palms thrive on water and humidity, so watering often is a must. They can live either in indirect bright or medium light.

The palm creates healthier air quality and overall cleanliness. Majesty palms eradicate formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide that build up over time.

The Calathea Family for Skin Conditions

The Calathea plant is known for its vibrant, deep colors and bountiful leaves. It is one of the popular indoor plants as it adds a bouquet-like quality to any room.

Calathea plants are low maintenance, needing only weekly moisture and no bright lights.

These plants welcome several health benefits into your home, including purified air quality. They trap dust that would typically float through your home and harm allergy-prone inhabitants. They also help to ward off dry air and the skin conditions that come with it.

Popular Indoor Plants for Your Health

Homeowners and apartment dwellers should take up horticulture practices in their homes. You receive a variety of health benefits by bringing popular indoor plants to your space.

A healthier lifestyle can be yours! Purchase one of the plants above and watch your general wellbeing increase.