10 Smart Tips to keep your Home Cool in Summer

Keeping your home cool in the summer days can be a challenging task. Most people don’t like the summer season because in summers. Day and night both are hot, people not able to take sleep properly, in daytime all your clothes are become wet due to sweat. We are not able to walk in the open due to heat, feel exhausted, dehydrated, and sometimes faint due to heatstroke.

In summer, people like to stay in their homes. So it is essential to keep your home cool in summers. You don’t need to spend more on your electric bill to keep your home cool. Here are some smart tips that could help you in keeping your home cool in summers.

Insult your home properly:

One thing homeowners can do to make their house more energy efficient will be setting up high-quality insulating material, especially when you are living in a steel buildings home. Purchasing good insulating material will help prevent the transport of heat between your attic and your space in the summer days and steer clear of the warm atmosphere from rising during winter. A well-insulated home can minimize heating and cooling costs as much as 50 percent as you will not have to keep the AC and Furnace on to maintain the temperature. If the homeowner does choose to sell their own house, they can easily see between 102 percent and 116.5 percent investment returns by having a ventilated attic space. Therefore, this is a guarantee in the long term. The cost of adding insulation is so the average of approximately $ 1 a square foot, or roughly $ 1,300.

Close the Blinds:

If you have windows that receive direct light from the sun, you’ll gain in keeping the blinds shut or curtains down for at the sunniest portion of the day. For ground floor rooms, try turning your blinds upward to prevent rays (and heat) from slipping. This thing will help you in maintaining the room temperature in your home.

Buy Ceiling Fans:

Did you know that ceiling fans will make you more relaxed and reduce your energy bills? This ceiling fan is just one of the best and affordable options to keep your home cool. Bonus: they are sometimes used in reverse from winter to create the space warmer and help conserve energy.

Install a smart programable Thermostat:

Buying a programmable thermostat for your home can help you in keeping it cool and save a bundle on electricity costs. Your thermostat can be programmed to decrease the temperature a few degrees before you are home, therefore when you arrive, it trendy without wasting energy all day if you should be out of this house daily.

Invest in an Evaporative Cooler:

A great air purifier choice, also efficient for heating space or space from your home, is an evaporative cooler. This item employs a fan and water which blows over a heating system to cool the air, providing an experience that is very similar to you are feeling once you escape from pool on a hot summer day while the water on your body is evaporating. An evaporative cooler uses less energy in contrast to an air conditioner (some even as low as a lightbulb). Also, it is mobile to move around the house for location heating and costs just $150 to $300.

Use Black curtains:

Use black curtains to help keep your house cool. Also, close curtains and your drapes to keep the sun think as being a greenhouse, where the heat from the sun gets trapped inside the home. The air conditioning will run on full for the whole day to maintain temperature if it’s combat with the sun. Blackout curtains will help prevent the heat of the sun more efficiently.

Open Windows at Night:

Take advantage of these summer evenings and open your windows during the night to help your family in better sleep. The warm air will float all night, letting you start fresh with a home in the morning.

Use Portable Air Conditioners:

By using portable air conditioning equipment, perhaps one of the methods is. Instead of wasting energy and money attempting to cool your house, only the room you require it to will be chilled by an AC unit. Plus, have wheels that enable one to transfer it from room to room with ease. You will probably cover $ 6 to $15 a month to conduct it, although the cost to buy a mobile air purifier will differ based on how powerful it is. For a unit that covers 100 to 200 feet, the upfront cost is around $175 to $200. For a larger unit that surrounds 500 square feet or more, you will pay higher or roughly $350.

Use white Sheets/Bedding and Home Décor:

A lighter color reflects the light, while darker colors absorb heat. Therefore, change to your summer bedding and use white or brighter colors whenever possible. If you have colored rugs, you might need to store them until the fall.

Put Ice cubs in front of your Fan:

This hack seems brilliant. Yesterday, I tried it, and it was amazing! Experiment with the positioning of the fan and bowl to get the effect. It really is my favourite among the bunch. And, it won’t cost you a dime.

There are so many ways that can help you in keeping your home cool in summers. Most of the ways are little bit costly, but all those investments will help you in saving the ongoing coast in the future. I hope this blog will help you in many ways.

Author bio: With her passion for making interior and exterior attractive in steel buildings of all sorts, Perry is a trusted author, bringing up new ideas in creating unique styled buildings and steel carports. She has studied ‘Decoration with different Construction and Non-construction materials’ and worked with some leading steel building manufacturers and suppliers.