Tips to Buy Ideal Benchtops for Your Kitchen

Do you want a rustic, modern and industrial look? You can buy beautiful benchtop for your kitchen. Several designs are available in the market. Feel free to pick one according to your budget and convenience of cleaning.

Nowadays, laminate kitchen benchtops at Kaboodle are famous for their quality and price. If you want to buy the best benchtop, here are some essential features to consider:


Size is an essential consideration for benchtops. If these are situated against walls, the maximum depth can be almost 650mm. Remember; it can be challenging to clean deeper units. Island benches are easy to clean because they offer you access from different sides.

If you want to pick the right length, make sure to consider its use. Some people need a benchtop for two people. Moreover, your budget and kitchen size are essential considerations to pick a benchtop.


Benchtops are available with several edging options, such as the bullnose, bevel, wood, half-round nose and round nose. The material of your bench may determine the edging type for benchtops. For homes with young children, round edges allow you to prevent horrible bumps and injuries on heads.

Cost of Benchtops

Before shopping, you have to set your budget. It will help you to choose the best unit within your limit. Remember, the selection of material may vary based on your budget. Fortunately, the market has benchtops at different prices.


Consider a splashback for the protection of your wall behind a benchtop. Choose a waterproof splashback for easy cleaning. Some popular options include glass and tiles.

Laminate Benchtops

Laminate benchtops are versatile and cheap options. They are available in different finishes. You may find them suitable to complement your d├ęcor. Feel free to buy these units from kitchen stores. It is easy to install these units without any trouble.

People with a tight budget can buy laminate benchtops. With laminate, you can achieve the desired look, such as marble, granite, and woodgrains. Feel free to create a waterfall finish with unified joints. Kaboodle may help you to pick the right laminate kitchen benchtop.


Timber benchtops allow you to achieve a rustic-style in kitchens. Remember, timber is a sturdy and strong material. These may not make your knives blunt. With these benchtops, you can introduce an organic and textured surface in your kitchen.

Solid timber can bring more luxury to your space. Benchtops of your kitchen may become an ideal starting point. You have to consider the practical needs of your kitchen. Take some style cues from your taste and timber.

Stainless Steel Benchtops

These are available in industrial kitchen and restaurants. For a minimalist, stainless steel can be a good option. These will help you to give a classic feel to your kitchen. It is the most hygienic type to withstand hot cookware.

Some other options are marble, granite, and engineered stone. These have specific benefits and drawbacks. You can consider any style as per the interior of your kitchen.