Reasons Why You Should Consider Hampton Style Homes When Renovating

A home renovation is one of the most exciting parts of revamping your property. It’s the ideal time for you to apply the ideas you’ve had for years and breathe some new life into your home.

If you’re looking for a relaxing ambiance coupled with a sophisticated beach vibe, you can’t go wrong with renovating using a Hampton-style home template.

In this article, we take a quick look at why renovating towards the cozier Hampton style is probably worth a second thought.

It Gives You The Feeling of Comfort

Hampton-style homes have risen to the center stage because of their nature to be rest houses for the uber-rich. Each aesthetic piece and furniture placement has been designed to maximize the feeling of coziness that one may get from a vacation home.

One will find that furniture in these types of houses are lightly colored and designed to accommodate anyone who just wants to take a leisurely nap during the day. So expect plenty of comfortable materials and lots of padding. Moreover, Hampton style timber profiles give you that cozy feeling of warmth, along with other wood types that add a natural feel.

If you’re into outdoor furniture, then you’ll be spoiled for choice.

There are plenty of leisure-centered outdoor fittings to choose from since a lot of homes in the Hamptons are next to the water. You can cross blend whites with a lot of nautical themes that reiterate elegant comfort with a mix of the calm sea. Even the contrast of the roof juxtaposed with the color of the house itself adds to the comforting feeling of a luxurious home.

It’s Great for People Who Want a Calm or Nautical Theme

The most prominent feature of Hampton-style homes is that the color palette that they follow. You’ll frequently find whites, beiges, and other neutral colors mixed in with touches of wood and nautical colors.

If you’re the type of family that doesn’t want to be overly extravagant with the exterior colors of their homes, then the Hampton-style color palette might be a refreshing choice for you. The neutral color theme emphasizes luxury and elegance.

It Looks Great for People Who Want Elegant Homes

Speaking of elegance, another highlight of Hampton style homes is that they look elegant without trying at all. By combining their simple color palette and the utilization of subtle finishes, their overall aesthetic makes them stand out in both a glamorous and sophisticated way.

A Hampton-style home is one of the most prominent statements that “less is more.”

It Helps You Utilize Large Spaces

Due to the use of neutral colors, whites, creams, and other lighter shades, you can convert large spaces in your homes to comfortable abodes for rest. These colors are excellent for large spaces as they increase the perception of size. Since there is an emphasis on being minimalist—to a certain degree—you can make good use of the large spaces that you have.

This is also great if you do not want to fill your home with too much furniture. You can create living spaces that are still versatile and flexible without having to deal with a lot of visual pollution and clutter. It lets you enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with ample open space and makes you feel that your home is spacious and welcoming.

It Looks Sophisticated

Since Hampton homes are renowned for being vacation homes for the rich, they typically command an air of sophistication. They utilize chic designs for the kitchen, use contemporary and classical furniture, and even lighting is given close attention.

With a Hampton-style home comes the meeting of regatta-style architecture with the marks of a country home, from the way the façade emanates a simplistic and classical look to the dark trimmings that are consistent with these houses. You can expect large spaces that are adequately furnished with luxurious pieces.

It’s just great architecture that makes you feel like you’re at a hotel by the beach.

Perfect for People Who Want Natural Lighting

Hampton-style homes are usually built next to the shoreline, where there is an emphasis on enjoying the calm water and the sunshine that comes along with it. It is with these design principles that we often find these houses having a lot of passages for natural lighting.

It is undeniable that the addition of natural lighting is excellent because it makes you feel happy. A little ray of sunshine is enough to brighten up a gloomy day.

There are energy savings associated with this as well, but there is a greater emphasis on the oneness with nature wherein its elements are combined with your place of shelter.

It Encourages Open Living Spaces

The truth is, nobody likes living in a box. Most of the homes that we have are boxy; they’re basically a giant box with lots of boxes to separate living areas. A Hampton-style home doesn’t have these drawbacks.

Most Hampton-style homes are designed with comfort in mind, making them perfect for families. Their design also encourages open living spaces that can promote a free flow of movement, as well as a seamless arrangement of furniture.

You Can Have Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

You can be sure that a Hampton-style home will have a large balcony from where you can gaze at the view below and grab a breath of fresh air. It emphasizes the feeling of being able to freely move from one part of the house to another, even if it’s moving from the indoors to the outdoors.

The outdoor setup will be one where there is a lot of space to let air pass through and for homeowners to enjoy an airy space where they can just unwind and relax. This allows you plenty of space for outdoor activities such as entertaining guests and spending some time outside.


A Hampton-style home is one of the most exciting renovations that you can do for your home. It encompasses several features that make it feel glamorous, luxurious, and sophisticated.

If you’ve always dreamed of a home as somewhere you can go to for a vacation, then you should give Hampton-style homes a shot. There’s a reason why they’re expensive and they continue to rise in value.