Living Room Ideas

20 Modern Living Room Ideas For 2018

Many times we simply gaze at our living room decor and wish that we could have gone a bit different. With so many options and designs, it’s difficult to resist an overhaul. The opportunity to select the best design for your living room depends much on your personality. Getting subtle upgrades to your space or opting vibrant modern living room decor ideas can be tough since there are plenty of options available which will surely leave your guests enchanted. But there are few things which you need to consider before you even start. You need to identify what’s your purpose for doing it. Whether you want just a new look, with the same furniture, or you want to enlarge the space by removing the unwanted things, updating it as per the latest trends or just wanted a cozy place where you can spend your day’s and night’s year after year.

Having a beautiful living room can also increase the value of your house, your guests will be awestruck by the new changes, and you will feel more enlightened.

Well, here is a list of ideas that can simply add to the beauty of your living room, depending on your preference and budget opt for any of the following:

Rethink what modern and warm means

Visit SK+I Architecture

It is a great idea that has incorporated many small beautiful and interesting ideas in it, giving the living room a very warm appeal. Wooden flooring has its own charm with matching ochre yellow sofa and black center-table, all complement each other so well. To break the monogamy of brown, there is a beautiful and fresh addition of a small green plant. The side has two bar stool for a quick coffee or a long discussion over wine. The setting is too warm, and the addition of fireplace adds to the warmth in spite of the place being too open. The lights are bold giving you a feeling of big spacious in the room.

Intense focal point

Visit DESIGNS! – Susan Hoffman Interior Designs

The fireplace in this living room is the focal point; thus the side walls have been embellished to attract the attention to the wall. The sitting arrangement has Victorian appeal to it. The lamp shades, chandelier, lights on the ceiling, all add to the rustic look of the room. Wooden flooring with big carpet area in the middle makes this room appear even more bigger and majestic.

Minimalist modern living room

Visit Paul Moon Design

The very earthen shades in the living room with fireplace as the focal point along with pop up painting right above it calls for the attention. The sitting arrangement seems too big, warm and cozy which is perfect to entertain the guests. The dark black center table balances the light color of the sofa and the bright shades of the fireplace. In all, this is the minimalist modern look you can easily give to your living room.

Connect with dining

Visit Cornerstone Architects

A very modern and contemporary style living room that merges with the dining space is just perfect for the evening to spend with friends. White, blue and gray – the shades of the sea, along with other tones blend well with the white walls, and the lights on the false ceiling make it beautiful.

Connect with outdoors

Visit Found Design Studio

The wooden finish of the living room cum dining space connects well with the breathtaking nature outside that can be seen from the big glass windows. It is surely a view to die for. The rocky touch at the fireplace compliments the wooden flooring. A little green in the room breaks the wooden monotony of the room with a very fresh welcoming appeal.

The modern traditional room

Visit Miriam Dillon, Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.

A lovely room that is modern yet holds the charm of the old world is all you will get with this idea. Seems organized yet is highly decorated, having breathing space between the furnishing is what one gets with this idea. The accessories are also white with a dash of green, the fire space and bronze chandelier add to the rustic charm of the room. The big windows and white curtains simply add to the elegance of the room.

A dramatic light fixture in a modern living room

Visit Hills & Grant

Every room needs something special to grab its attention. The light in this room attracts the attention and balances the simple furniture in the room. The room has tiled flooring with a wooden ceiling that adds to the drama and the grey wall of the fire space further enhances the dramatic appeal of the living room.

Feminine, modern living room

Visit Elms Interior Design

At times to go with an all white and off-white room is difficult but with modern design in mind, its the simplicity that calls out. White fits in naturally, and the addition of green adds to the personality. A powerful focal point has been given to the fireplace and the adjacent wall, but as it has been done in white, it gets balanced and brings a female sensibility to the room. Even the light above is white with a touch of black to break the monotony in simple yet poised way.

Sexy, white and dramatic living room

Visit Erin Sander Design

A very edgy and warm design to the living room. Wooden ceiling with carpeted floor and white chairs bring the best of all the plans in one palette. The chandelier is in wooden texture, and the center table is black to add some color to the room. Big glass windows let adequate sunlight in the room and add to its modern appeal.

Dramatic details in the modern living room

Visit JCD Custom Home Design

Off-white wall, big windows, grey chairs and pop up sofa in blue make the living room everything that one can desire for. There is a set pattern or rule to design every style, but still, there are no rules. It definitely fits the bill of modern room yet the unique elements make it different and add to the organized look. The wow factor is the different cushions that have a style of their own.

Warm and cozy living room

Visit Risinger Homes

The different shades of brown with a perfect pinch of white in addition to the comfortable furniture and cozy fittings with an ideal wall fitting for the television make the room perfect for family gatherings. The ceiling light in the shape of a big fat circle adds to the intimacy of the room. The wall has small cabinets, and the center table has a chest of drawers that make it more functional and apt for a family living room. The curtains have intrigue design that makes the room a bit more sophisticated. Thus the entire combination calls for comfort and intimacy.

Warm colors and dramatic light fittings

Visit State Street Interiors

The all grey room is the go-to – neutral style, and it works beautifully in modern lining room. The cooler shades speak of the aesthetic sense of the contemporary living room, and beautiful light on the ceiling with black furniture create the sleek urban look. Embellishments on the wall blend well and are a sight to view but do not add to the clutter in any way. Runner and cushions in yellow add to the color palate in the room and make it more appealing.

Modern arrangement for your living room

Visit Vivid Interior Design – Danielle Loven

The modern look seems formal, but here it is done casually, this whole idea refers to it. The room will be well connected with a beautiful, stylish and modular kitchen. Modern means thinking in a new way and thus the kitchen added to the living room makes it best, as you entertain the guests and cook for them. White sofa and brown chairs all look very appealing with the embellishments that stand on the wall that also have the fireplace in it. Flowers are kept in the room make it appear more lively and bright.

Lively colors in the living room

Visit Tamara Eaton Design

After a long day when you retire and sit with your family in the living room, the ambiance should be inviting. This room is all that one would ever want. White and simple room with a perfect blend of mauves and pinks to make it inviting. The square grid partition adds the contemporary style. The rug in its own way is the center point, and the fireplace is cozy. The bubble-shaped chandelier light makes the room so modern yet connected.

The all natural living room

Visit Loloi Inc.

Back to the roots or base is the best definition for this style. With the chaos around big glass windows with wooden frames and rug in color of soil create the perfect aura for the best living room that will most definitely lift up your moods and make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. There is an l- shaped sitting arrangement in the room with all earthen embellishments, like the rugs and cushions. As there is adequate natural sunlight in the room, the need of artificial light does not exist. The wooden center piece further enhances the natural forest look of the room.

All graphic art in the living room

Visit Dream Finders Homes

Graphics are in trend these days, and we are obsessed with it. Now is the time to take the obsession to another level, get the graphics to the living room. Paintings and chair in the living room are done with graphics making the room very contemporary. The false ceiling and the lights are done in white to add to the beauty of the room. Center table, side table and cabinet is done in rustic wood which enhances the modern approach of this room.

The raccoon living room

Visit Vladimir Radutny Architects

If you are an avid reader and want to show off, then this style truly belongs to you. The front wall with LED television and racks to display your prized possession is apt to style your room in the most contemporary and minimalistic way. The white sofa and gray couch add to the comfort look of the room.

Spectacular view

Visit Foursquare Builders

This living room has everything that could make you stay here forever. The big glass windows that give a spectacular view and the wooden furniture that blends well with the exterior looks simply out of the world. The sleek black and white look brings the transition from forest look to modern living room appeal. The Turkish rugs in the room create the look that balances the whole place.

Streetlight in the living room

Visit Burr & McCallum Architects

The off-white wooden furniture with street lights will leave your guests enchanting. Modern is about being following your style and adapting no rules; thus modern room is adorned with this beautiful painting of a royal lady in her traditional clothes. The accessories are a well blend of freshness, modern and traditional. The fireplace done in grey attracts your attention but in a very subtle way.

Modern contemporary style

Visit Hills & Grant

The false ceiling of the room done in wooden texture with lights will set the look for any party. The white interiors provide the balance and add to the light in the room. A touch of green plants makes the place very refreshing. Again the big windows that offer spectacular view are the style statement of modern living rooms.

We know to design your living from the scratch or remodeling it sounds quite exciting, but at times it can be a bit overwhelming too. You might not understand where to start from or how much you are willing to spend. You can also ask the experts advice on this or can simply choose any of the above listed modern living room ideas to get a stylish, modern living room.