Latest Landscaping Ideas And Trends For Exterior Design

Landscaping is the method of creating an attractive outdoor design arranging the following six elements. These include climate, horizontal structures, landform, vegetation, vertical structures, and water. The latest landscaping ideas and trends for exterior design comprise of several gardening activities. These include mowing the lawn, weeding, trimming plants/trees and hedging. Landscaping also includes the process of adding fertilizers to plants and grounds. Trends of exterior design also include creating decks, lighting, patios, and walkways. Common landscapes include both formal and informal landscapes. Some special landscapes use themes such as butterfly gardens, and woodland landscape. Others include English Gardens, Oriental Landscapes, Organic Gardens, and Xeriscape Gardens. Here are the latest landscaping ideas and trends for exterior design.

{ 1 } Natural Materials For Landscaping Ideas

Natural Materials For Landscaping Ideas
You can use materials such as large-sized, light-colored natural stones as gravel for covering the pathway. On top of the layer of gravels, place rectangular shaped natural stone-made slabs at regular intervals. On the left-hand side, leave a foot of the ground for growing plants and shrubs. You can alternate this area with clear grounds and constructed rectangular spaces surrounded by bricks and cement. Fill these areas with dirt or fertilized soil to grow plants and shrubs.

{ 2 } Add A Terrace or Rooftop Garden

Add A Terrace or Rooftop Garden
You can add a terrace or rooftop garden on the top floor of your resident. Use several white-colored timbres and poles and construct an open shade on the roof-top. From the top and center of the shade, hang a lantern. This can have three small halogen lamps enclosed within a transparent shade. Under the lantern, place comfortable sofas and chairs around a long white colored coffee table. On the sofa, place white-and-blue striped soft cushions for sitting and leaning. Also, place two smaller sized cushions covered with white floral designs on a light green background. Adjacent to the sofa, place a light blue cabinet with two doors. Use two white-colored stools along with potted plants.

Place one in front of the blue cabinet and another between the chairs. On the chairs, place cushions that are covered with a blue design on a green background. On the white table, place a silver candlestick and a fruit bowl of apples. Surrounding the sitting area, place many potted plants with white-colored flowers and evergreen Pine trees.

{ 3 } Bring Warmth With Outdoor Firepits

Bring Warmth With Outdoor Firepits
Opposite to the patio, completely cover the open space with slabs of naturally existing stones. You can construct an outdoor fire pit using natural stones of varying shapes and sizes. Maintain a considerable thickness of the wall surrounding a good in-depth for making a warm fire. Fill the square area with charcoal and/or wood and build the desired fire. Place two comfortable wooden or cane chairs along with cushions covered in green color. Place two small pillow-like cushions covered in white design against orange color.

{ 4 } Low-Maintenance Rock Garden Landscaping Ideas

Low-Maintenance Rock Garden Landscaping Ideas
You can create a low maintenance rock garden landscape in your front or back yard. You can use cemented slabs to construct a footpath leading to any door to your home. On the right-hand side, you can create your rock garden. Use different shapes and sizes of dark-colored rocks leaving those loosely on the ground. You can grow plants and shrubs at regular intervals within these rocks. Adjacent to this, construct a footpath made of colored gravels cemented together. Next to this, near your home, leave the soil to grow plants and shrubs.

{ 5 } Adding Pergolas For Gathering Spaces

Adding Pergolas For Gathering Spaces
You can add pergolas at spaces where people gather around fireplaces to socialize or celebrate various occasions. A wooden pergola is the most practical choice since it blends in with all sorts of furniture. From the ceiling of the pergola, hang yellow-colored halogens or LEDs to add a warm ambiance. Cover the entire floor with tiles. Use irregularly shaped stones, bricks, and cement to construct a semi-circular arch. You can use this for sitting in front of the circular fireplace. Also, construct the circular fireplace using stones and fill it with fire-woods for lighting a warm fire.

Add a few chairs in blue at the near end and grey ones at the far end. In the middle region, arrange a few comfortable wooden chairs and place cream-colored cushions on them. Place the light and dark pink colored flowering plants in pots and place those within brass containers. At the near end, place an evergreen plant.

{ 6 } Bring In A Water Feature For Garden

Bring In A Water Feature For Garden
Adding a water feature to your garden or backyard will create visual interest and bring a sense of natural peace to your home. You can also add a swimming pool for a refreshing retreat at home. In your backyard garden, make a seating arrangement to seat five members at a time. In front of this arrangement, create a water feature for the garden. Use different shapes and sizes of limestone and other natural stones. Make a rectangular trough and fill it with water and soil. Allow the water to flow from the top of the rectangular surface into the larger area. Cover this with small black colored penny tiles that are arranged as in waves. Use the far edge of this area to plant shrubs that have a high affinity to water. At one corner, allow a tree to branch over this black area.

{ 7 } Use Metal Elements In Landscaping Ideas

Use Metal Elements In Landscaping Ideas
Use metal elements for landscaping ideas as external designs. You can create a metallic trough and fill it with soil to grow plants and shrubs. Next to the base of this metallic container garden, use different layers of dirt and soil. You should create various levels of soil ensuring the grounds are not flat. You can use the many-layered grounds for growing flowering plants, grass, and other shrubs. In the middle portion, construct a waterfall using metallic frames and flat wooden planks. You can use those planks as posts for constructing the water cascading water-flowing way. The water naturally flows from the top layer to the bottom layer passing on every metal sheet. Allow the water to flow right into an area covered with rocks and bordered with tiles.