Inspirational ways to display flowers without vase

Finding Another Container

Flowers in Jars

Firstly, cut the flower’s stems to the same length as the jar,  so that the flowers emerge just over the top of the jar. Though, jars look similar to a vase. In addition, you can try tying a ribbon around the neck of the jar.

Flowers in a basket with floral foam

Firstly, buy floral foam from the flower shop or garden stores and soak it in water until it sinks. Then choose any basket you love. Place the foam at the bottom of the basket and stick the flower into the foam. You don’t need to water them because they will absorb water from the foam.

Flowers In Jug

Jar or basket may not work if you have the larger bouquet of flower, then I will recommend you a jug, it makes a great vase. Just fill it with water and place your flowers in it, as shown here. In addition, instead of the jug, you can use watering cans, decanters, and large teapots.

Craft Your Own Container

A Tin Can

You can use any type of tin can. For small flowers, you can use food cans or coffee tins and for large bouquets, a paint canister will be fine. Now, remove any labels from the outside and paint it as you want. You can also design them like add polka dots or draw stripes. Though, Let your imagination guide you! Fill the water in it and cut the stems according to the tins and put it in. Here, we painted 3 tin cans in different solid colors and add a ribbon in a middle.

Hang Flowers Upside Down

This method can also be called as dried flowers. When you hang flowers upside down, they got preserve by drying out. Though, you don’t need to water them or need a clean container. For this project, tie a ribbon around the stems and hang it wherever you want.

Make a Wreath

If you have a large number of flowers on hand, just make a wreath of it. Use regular flowers and plants for making it. After it’s done you can add quotes in the middle of the wreath. Though you can hang it anywhere you want, like at welcoming door, rooms, dining hall or at any other door.

Placing Cut Flowers in a Container

Cutting Stems In a Proper way

If you want flowers to live for a long time then you should always cut the stems from the bottom. Always use scissors, shears, or a sharp knife to cut the stems. Cut the stems according to the container. Always cut the stems slightly longer than the length of the container.

Cleaning Vessel before using it

If you want your flowers to live longer, then clean the vessel properly because any germs or dirt cause your flowers to die early. Use hot water to clean it and dry it with the towel before using it.

Fill the container halfway with warm water

After cleaning it properly, fill the container with half with water. The water should be slightly warm but not too hot. Let the water sit for a few minutes before you add the flowers.

Adding Plant Food

Plant food usually comes in a little packet with your bouquet. If not, buy it at a flower shop or garden store. Plant food help flowers to live longer. Though, if you can’t find plant food then just put flowers like this. Just be aware that they may only last a day or 2 before wilting.

Displaying Flowers In Cool Area

After it gets ready, just display the vessel in the cool area of the home. They will be looking fresh and vibrant for longer. In addition, if you are going away for a few days, place the flowers in the refrigerator. Just make sure that they are not close to any fruits. The gases that fruits release could cause the flowers to wilt.