How to Prepare Your Home for Bed Bug Control Services

Have you recently spotted signs of bed bugs in your house? If so, your first reaction was probably to call a pest control company for help.

However, it’s important to prepare your home before bed bug control services arrive, so they can do their best job. Take these simple steps before the company arrives, and you’ll be free from this nuisance pest in no time.

Wash Bedding and Clothing

All clothing and bedding you can wash needs to be put in the washer. Check the care tags and wash all clothing and bedding on the highest possible heat setting.

You’ll also want to wash curtains, bed skirts, stuffed animals, etc. Use the highest possible setting (that won’t harm the items) on the dryer. All clean, dry items must be stored in plastic bags or containers.

Keep these items away from anything that may be infested.

If you can’t wash clothing in hot water, you should dry clean it.

Empty Closets and Dressers

Remove all items from your closets, dressers, nightstands, and so on. Place items in plastic containers or bags until after the bed bug pest control service has finished the job.

Remove and inspect items like picture frames, knick-knacks, artwork, clocks, mirrors, etc.

Inspect children’s toys that can’t be washed for signs of bed bugs. If toys are clean, store them in plastic bags or bins.

Reduce any clutter you can, particularly in the bedrooms.

Vacuum the Floors and Furniture

Vacuum your mattresses, as well as the box spring. Clean inside and vacuum drawers and all carpeting in the home. Don’t forget area rugs.

You’ll also need to vacuum upholstered furniture, sofas, futons, and so on. Lift mattresses and box springs and place them against the wall. Use a mattress encasement designed to kill bed bugs.

If you’re able, lift furniture and vacuum underneath.

Double-bag and dispose of the vacuum bags in an outdoor trash bin.

Make Sure the Area Is Clear

Most importantly, you want to ensure the bed bug control services can move freely through your house. Give the company clear access to closets, walls, and all areas around furniture. Pull large furniture at least two feet away from walls and baseboards.

Remove as much clutter as you can, tossing items that you no longer need. Make sure the house is clean and clear for when the bed bug pest control service arrives.

Additional Tips

When hiring bed bug services, you’ll want to check their website for additional instructions and information. Make sure to do this well in advance, so you have plenty of time to prepare your home for their visit.

If you can’t find instructions on their website, send them a message or give them a call to ask how you can make the process easier for them.

Hiring Bed Bug Control Services

Bed bugs are a nuisance pest that no one wants to deal with, but bed bug control services can clear them from your home. Make sure you follow our above tips so when the company does arrive, your home is clean, clear, and easy-to-access.

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