How to Design the Perfect Bedroom

The bedroom isn’t just where you sleep. It’s where you begin and end your day, collect your bearings, and center yourself. It’s a space that is completely yours.

But if you don’t design your bedroom to function in your favor, it won’t. A poorly designed bedroom can result in disorganization and stress.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to design the perfect bedroom!

Start With the Bed

Every good design starts with a centerpiece. In the case of your bedroom, this centerpiece is your bed. The headboard, bedspread, and pillows you choose should inform the design of the rest of the room.

In other words, make sure the other decor in your room matches the tone set by your bed. Coordinate the colors and patterns for symmetry and balance.

Decorate Intentionally

A lot of interior designers recommend that you use a minimalist approach to designing your bedroom. This makes sense because minimalist design leads to minimal clutter. Clutter is the enemy of a functional bedroom.

But minimalism isn’t for everyone. So some superior advice is to use an intentional approach. Place whatever you want in your room, just make sure it serves a purpose.

That purpose may be storage, lighting, or even ambiance. You don’t have to embrace minimalism, just make sure you don’t accumulate pointless clutter.

Choose Lighting Wisely

Never settle for one overhead light in your bedroom. This type of lighting is often harsh and overly bright. Instead, layer the lighting in your room so you have several options depending on your mood.

Consider mini lamps on your bedside table to provide you with some soft light while you sit in bed. Or, white string lights are a popular way to add a soft glow to your room throughout the night.

You might even choose a multi-purpose light, like a salt lamp. Salt lamps not only give off light, but they are reputed to help you sleep.

Does your bedroom have good natural light? Be sure to choose blinds that will let this light into your room, without intruding on your privacy.

Look for Comfort

You don’t want to overcrowd your bedroom with decor, but the decorations you choose should bring you comfort. Often, these are personal items like a favorite painting or piece of artwork. When choosing art for your bedroom, consider what you would like to see when you first wake up in the morning.

You should also consider comfort in the form of texture. Investing in a small area rug for your bedroom is a great way to embellish your bedroom. Place the rug next to the side of the bed you normally sleep on, so the first thing you step on in the morning is soft and warm.

Regardless of your style, think about including at least one plant in your bedroom. Plants bring life, comfort, and oxygen into indoor spaces.

Create Your Perfect Bedroom

Everyone’s perfect bedroom will look a little different. But they will all rotate around the same concepts of comfort, functionality, texture, and lighting.

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