How to Build a Salt Water Pool That Will Appeal to Home Buyers

There are many reasons to want to make a pool a part of your backyard. You may envision sunny summer days in which cool relief is always just a moment away through the welcoming water of your backyard pool. The kids will have fun making a splash, your friends and neighbors will all enjoy an invitation to the best pool party of the year, and you will get the change to lounge out there whenever you please. Yes, a pool is certainly nice to have as a part of your home, but what about when it’s no longer your home?

A pool may be a nice addition to you, but the potential future buyers of your house may think differently. They may think it’s too much maintenance, a safety hazard, or just a feature without any appeal. If selling your home is something you may ever consider in the future, those that may buy it need to be considered as you work to build the pool of your dreams. 

Considering Future Home Buyers 

A lot plays into whether or not buyers will want a house with a pool. For some, it’s simply not something that they would ever consider. With all the required maintenance, pools can be a lot of work. Those that wouldn’t buy may have determined that they’re more work than they’re worth. 

Pools may also be considered more dangerous than they’re worth. While it’s families that usually get the most out of a pool, with the fun comes stress for parents of young kids. You may find families to be hesitant buyers of your house with a pool because of concerns over their little ones falling in or somehow getting hurt because of the pool. 

Putting in a pool will not necessarily stop these sorts of people from purchasing, but you want a buyer to appreciate the pool as much as you do or they may just fill it in. In the end, you can’t know for sure if a pool will be something that appeals to potential buyers when it comes time to sell. However, you can put in the effort to make sure that the pool you build is as appealing to them as possible. 

Creating the Ideal Salt Water Pool

To create the best pool for your backyard, consider first what makes the prospect of a pool appealing to you. Unless you have especially eccentric tastes, the reasons you look forward to a pool may be the same features a home buyer can be sold on. If you design a pool that appeals to all the desires behind getting a pool, you should have no trouble making it appeal to home buyers. 

Install an In-Ground Salt Water Pool

The first aspect you will have to consider when building your pool is the specific type of pool that you want. The two main options are in-ground and above-ground. While an above-ground pool has a lower initial cost, an in-ground pool comes with the much better value. In fact, many buyers that want a house with a pool will not even consider an above-ground pool. Even though it will require a higher budget, an in-ground pool is really a better investment. And, if you want to avoid the maintenance hassle of adding chlorine, consider choosing a salt water system for your new pool. 

Make It Safe

Making that pool appealing to potential home buyers will then require addressing one of the greatest concerns. With young children, having a pool can be less of a joy and more of a safety hazard. You can help assure future home buyers by working to make sure the pool you build is safe. 

A good way to increase the safety of a pool is with a fence that borders the pool area. The gate should be self-closing and not easily opened by young children that may fall in and struggle to swim out when unsupervised. With a barrier that can effectively keep young children out, there will be much less for home buyers to worry about when your home goes on the market. 

Include Luxury Features

Giving them the pool necessities will not be enough if you really want your house to appeal. An unattractive pool will turn buyers off faster than any pool could possibly attract interest. With a more luxurious pool design though, you can add some real appeal into the equation. 

Some popular choices for increasing the value of a backyard pool include a beautiful waterfall, a shallow pool area and/or benches for more laidback pool time, and a built-in hot tub for real relaxation. Your pool doesn’t need to have it all, but you might just want to consider something to raise the appeal and your own enjoyment. If you know that your family will really get use out of a hot tub or you just can’t imagine a pool without a waterfall feature, why not add it on during the building process?

Add Appealing Landscape Details

You don’t need to stop with the actual pool’s creation to make it just right. A lot of the appeal of a backyard pool can come from its surroundings as well. Design your pool perimeter with landscaping that builds on what the pool itself offers. 

Plant life can make for an exciting look around the pool area, especially if you include that pop of color. Certain plants and landscaping methods may also be used to give your pool time a bit more privacy. You might add tall bamboo to block the view for nosy neighbors as an alternative to typical fences. However you choose to design the poolside, it is sure to add to the appeal. With beautiful landscaping, you can allow that central component, your new pool, to really shine. 

A Pool For You And The Future

Pools are certainly an appealing prospect to many homeowners. If you go about it right, yours can also appeal to your future home buyers. It never hurts to plan ahead and you’ll certainly be grateful that you did when it comes to getting the salt water pool right.