Home Swimming Pool With Island

10 Home Swimming Pool Ideas For A Refreshing Retreat

Home swimming pools are constructed in the backyard in big metropolitan cities. Well-to-do people choose the location, size, and shape of their home swimming pool within their private estate. Constructing any home swimming pool is very expensive so you should ensure why you want it. Find out what is prompting you or other family members to construct the indoor pool. You might want to ask the following questions. Do you need to swim lapses to improve your health? Did your physician advise you to swim or take hot tub for therapy? Are you interested in entertaining guests in and around the pool? Would you like children and their friends to use the swimming pool? Your answers to the above questions determine the required shape, size, and depth of the home swimming pool.

You need to spend lots of time planning on the desired indoor pool. The actual construction also requires several months that extends to years. You can enjoy swimming in your home swimming pool in the backyard. However, an indoor pool requires regular cleaning and maintenance. You also need to repair it whenever you notice something is amiss.

{ 1 } Home Swimming Pool With Island

Home Swimming Pool With Island
Home swimming pool with island enables you to use it as a tabletop. You can place a bottle of your favorite red wine and two wine glasses. Meanwhile, you and your partner or hot date can take a dip in the refreshing water. Whenever you are ready, you can pour your drinks and make a toast sharing special memories. This experience with your beloved would be considered romantic and remain unforgettable throughout your lifetime.

{ 2 } Round Swimming Pool

Round Swimming Pool
Beautiful Swimming Pool In A Desert Home By The Joshua Tree House And Fireclay Tile
The setting sun marks the end of the hot and humid day. This round swimming pool at the roof of a home in the desert looks very inviting. The specialty of the round swimming pool is that its diameter is always constant and longest. While swimming, you should swim along this diameter to make the most of the lapses. If interested in constructing a round-shaped swimming pool, then consider fitting the diameter in your property.

{ 3 } Luxurious L-Shaped Swimming Pool

Luxurious L-Shaped Swimming Pool
Luxurious L-Shaped Swimming pool has several sophisticated aeration system or fountains to keep the water fresh. The swimming pool has shallow grey areas where these water fountains are present. Beyond these, the darker blue portions have deeper waters for swimming. Also, there are two fountains on the far side for aerating the water.

{ 4 } Infinity Pool With A View

Infinity Pool With A View
Infinity Pool with a view is constructed on the roof-top overlooking a breath-taking and scenic view. At the far end, there are several mountain ranges seen against the clear blue sky. There is a blue-colored river meandering through the valley of mountains covered by evergreen forests. On the banks of the river, there are cities, homes to residents. This spectacular view can be admired while sunbathing sitting on the pool-side chairs provided. Swimmers can enjoy the scenario while swimming in the deep end.

{ 5 } Pool Around The Landscaping Design

Pool Around The Landscaping Design
Beautiful Pool Around The Landscaping In Kahala Home, Hawaii By WhiteSpace Architects
Here, the swimming pool is part of the landscaping, as popularly used in hotels and guest houses. Two Palm trees are present in the well-maintained lawn near the swimming pool. In the front, there is a rock with shrubs and yellow flowers. Adjacent to this, three short steps lead into the deep waters of the pool. On the opposite bank, there is a wall of rocks separating shallow and deep waters.

{ 6 } Kidney Bean Shaped Pool

Kidney Bean Shaped Pool
Kidney bean-shaped pool got its name because the shape resembles the kidney bean. The narrower side is the shallow end while the broader side is the deeper end. Most hotels in the tropics construct Kidney Bean Shaped Pools because of their interesting shape. In this poolside, broad pavers surround the swimming pool and provide a place for creative patio furniture like pool-side chairs are sunbathers. The pool along with tall Coconut Palms and other trees becomes a part of the landscaping. Well-manicured lawns, shrubs, and rock gardens also add to the beauty of the gardens.

{ 7 } Creative Indoor Home Swimming Pool

Creative Indoor Home Swimming Pool
Well-to-do people can indulge in making a creative home swimming pool in their private property. Take this pool for example. It has lots of arched wooden windows and white curtains. The thatched roof and transparent tiles allow streaming of light and brighten the place. Near the shallow end sit two white sofas with blue cushions on either side of the pool. Near the deep end, a blue mosaic wall with six identical blue vessels creates interest. Yellow and grey colored sculptures on the side of the pool add to the decor. The four fountains aerate the still waters of the pool. There is a separate child’s pool on one side. The large-sized adult pool should have a shallow end and a deep end.

{ 8 } Add Greenery Around The Pool

Add Greenery Around The Pool
Pool Plantings With Layers Of Color For A Tropical Paradise By Construction Landscape, LLC
Tropical swimming pools can turn very warm on a hot summer’s day. It is advisable to plant several greenery including Palm trees, Trees and shrubs around the pool. The shades from these planted trees keep the water cool and refreshing. Also, evergreen trees do not shed their leaves so the swimming pool remains always clean. If any part of a tree/shrub falls into the pool, then that should be immediately removed.

{ 9 } Colorful Tiles For Pools

Colorful Tiles For Pools
You can also use small-sized Persian Blue mosaic tiles with white borders to bring color and fun to your indoor pool. But, the borders of the pool and deeper areas have darker tiles. There is a shallow side adjacent to this deep side. It is also made of small-sized Persian Blue tiles with white borders. The water being transparent and open to the sky reflects all that is above it. On the poolside, you can place a water-proof sofa and other seating arrangements. A beautiful fireplace before the sofa brings warmth and coziness to the poolside.

{ 10 } Levels In Infinity Pools

Levels In Infinity Pool
Standing at the edge of the topmost rectangular pool, one has to look down to admire. At the far end, the sea waves rhythmically roll into the white sandy sea-beach. The sea coast bends within and juts out far as rugged mountain ranges. The levels in infinity pools are constructed in three different heights. The water naturally flows from the top level to the lower level. The uppermost pool is the longest and deepest pool. The pool below it is filled with water such that the water flows from the top to the lower level. Again, there is another smaller pool that gets water flowing from the middle pool. At every level of the poolside, there is a thatched-roof shade for sitting and enjoying.