Good Storage Ideas For Your Bedroom

When it comes to anybody’s bedroom, after the bed the most important aspect of the room will be the storage solutions. Items of clothing as well as other personal objects need to be stored away to not only look after the items in question, but to also keep the room clutter free and safe to move around in. Below we list a few ideas and pointers when it comes to storage arrangements for your bedroom.

When it comes to clothing, different types and styles of garments require different kinds of storage solutions. The norm for these is to store them away in a built-in wardrobe Sydney of some description. There are dimensions that come into play here, so here are some pointers.

Hanging space

Long items of clothing and garments such as dresses or long coats will require full-length hanging space. This hanging space is usually found at a maximum of 1.6 metres (or five feet three inches). Other items such as jeans, tee shirts, hats, handbags, etc are usually placed in drawers or shallow shelves. Ideally these should measure no more than one foot by one foot ten inches as anything larger (in shelving) will result in piles of clothing toppling over.

Depth of wardrobe

The depth of the wardrobe installers as a general rule of thumb should be at least two feet and should be deep enough to hold a coat hanger with clothes hanging from it. When it comes to wardrobe height, these can vary, but obviously the higher the better. Most contemporary wardrobes are built-in ones, and are therefore as high as the ceiling.

Storage solution

The wardrobe can also be used as a multi-purpose bedroom storage solution. This is not always as easy it first appears when it comes to free standing wardrobes, as these are usually are not usually designed to take any one type of clothing; more a mix-and-match of options. As such, trying to store other things in them becomes rather challenging. Fitted or built-in wardrobes, on the other hand, offer many alternatives for storage solutions, because there is usually sufficient space in these to cover all your clothing storage needs, as well as those other things you may need to store away.


Custom Wardrobes Sydney are not the only storage solutions for your bedroom though. Although the most conventional, there are other alternatives such as a chest of drawers and bedside tables. Breaking away from the norm though, there are other solutions, including free standing rails, boxes and even specially made large storage bags.

But storage does not have to be confined to one physical unit; you could utilize the space found under the bed, add shelving units to the wall, or if the worst comes to the worst, throw everything into the spare room, the attic or the shed!

Bedroom drawers

Bedroom drawer chests come in a variety of styles and sizes. The aesthetic design a smaller tall chest will generally have more useful storage that a lower wide chest and take up less valuable floor space and is a personal preference. Also it is quite minimal with the many chunky designs waste a lot of space and actual storage. Check the depth of drawers for your use. Deep drawers may be needed for jumpers and bags but a shallow drawer is much more useful for storing smalls!

In the room, the built-in wardrobe Sydney is perhaps one of the most efficient storage pieces. Hanging storage is perfect for shirts dresses trousers and coats. Items can be hung close together without creasing and still allow easy access larger rooms may have space for built in wardrobes which will have the advantage of storage from floor to ceiling, but for smaller bedrooms the flexibility of a freestanding wardrobe may be necessary. This space above may still be used for example for stacking storage boxes and similarly that space under the hanging rail may be useful for hats shoes bags and small accessories.

The walls in a bedroom can provide ample opportunity for creating extra storage space. The walls generally provide a superior fixing and more stable surface than the floor, but also free up floor space and will give the room a less cluttered look. A bedside table fixed to the wall will provide the perfect surface for beside beverages and books and can be fixed at the optimum height for your bed.