10 Gorgeous Garden Fountain Ideas To Decorate Your Outdoors

Do you want to give a different and elegant look for your outdoors? If yes then you can choose to have an attractive and stunning fountain in your garden. A gorgeous fountain in your garden gives an aesthetic look to your home and grabs the attention of every person. When it comes to building a fountain then it becomes difficult for you to decide whether you should opt for an affordable premade fountain or you should build a great and gorgeous fountain that highlights your garden but can be expensive for you. So, here are some gorgeous garden fountain ideas that you can choose to decorate your outdoors effectively.

{ 1 } Classic Multi-tiered Garden Fountain

Classic Multi-tiered Garden Fountain
A classic multi tire garden mountain in the middle of the garden can be a wonderful choice for you. The black colored and multi Tire Mountain surely enhance the look and beauty of your garden effectively. It can completely transform the atmosphere and look of your outdoor space. If you have a big garden then this multi-tire fountain will look suitable for your space. This multi-tire fountain does not only perfect to enhance the elegance of your home but also gives you a peaceful and relaxing environment that makes you happy.

{ 2 } Farmhouse Style Wooden Barrel Fountain

Farmhouse Style Wooden Barrel Fountain
The outdoor space of your home is one of the most important parts of your home that grabs the attention of every person and also provides you a calm and peaceful environment. If you are looking for something different in your garden then you can avoid the stone the concrete fountains and choose to have a wooden farmhouse style barrel fountain. He fountains ha two tire and both of these tires are half-covered with wood. The fountain has a small metallic hand pump shaped tap on the top that gives it an outstanding look. You can place this fountain near to the flower plants that give your garden a complete farmhouse look.

{ 3 } Simple Concrete Fountains with Waterfall

Simple Concrete Fountain With Waterfall
Do you want to give a new look to your garden? Having a fountain in your garden can give you a peaceful and calm environment and also helps to enhance the beauty of your home as well. So, you can opt for a simple concrete fountain with a waterfall near to your sitting area in the garden that gives you a pleasance atmosphere. This fountain surely enhances the look of your garden without having any trouble. If you want to keep your garden look simple yet attractive then you can choose to have a concrete fountain with water flow that surely looks different.

{ 4 } Tiered Fountains with Pot Planters

Tiered Fountain With Pot Planters
If you have a small garden and do not have much space to have a large fountain then you can choose to place a small tired fountain with pot planters. You can also grow some variety of colorful flowered in the tire that is attached to the ground and water in the other two tires. The creamy colored ceramic pot planter fountain gives an attractive look to your garden and helps you to beautify the space. You can place this fountain near the pathway that makes your outdoor space look stunning.

{ 5 } Clean and Simple Zen Garden Fountain

If you are looking for something attractive yet a simple decoration item for your garden then a Zen fountain is perfect for your garden. This fountain has a large square metallic pipe that is attached to the water connection and on the other side, it is attached to a small and round metallic pipe. The water flows from the pipe to a round metallic tub and the overall look of this fountain is clean and very simple. You can have this fountain in your garden in a place where it can catch the attention of every visitor.

{ 6 } Industrial Fountains with Twisted Pipe

Industrial Fountain With Twisted Pipe
A fountain can enhance the beauty of your garden and if you want to give an industrial look to your garden then you can choose to have an industrial fountain in your outdoor area. The fountain has a bronze-colored metallic pipe that has several twists. The one end of this pipe is attached to the ceramic stone large pot that is placed in the garden. You can place this fountain near to the plants and pots to enhance the look and beauty of your garden. This industrial fountain has a simple, sleek and stylish look that will surely make your outdoor space look beautiful.

{ 7 } Rustic Teapot Water Fountain

Rustic Teapot Water Fountain
A rustic teapot water fountain is something that is rare. It can add more value and elegance to your outdoor area. The fountain is made in a rustic style and has a big teapot on the top. The teapot is attached to a metallic pipe to maintain the water flow. The water comes from the teapot and flows toward the big metallic plate attached to a wooden pot. You can place several colorful flower pots near the fountain. It can surely beautify your garden and enhance the value and elegance of your exterior. It gives you a peaceful atmosphere in your garden and also allows you to decorate your outdoor space without having any issue.

{ 8 } Mosaic Tile Wall Fountain Design

Mosaic Tile Wall Fountain Design
Having a wall fountain in your outdoor area is a perfect choice. It gives a classy and stylish look to your home. If you have a modern and stylish home then opt for this wall fountain design for the outdoor space. This wall fountain is designed with green and blue colored mosaic tiles that create a beautiful look. The sleek eye-catching mosaic tiles design in the middle of the wall gives your outdoor space an attractive look. You can also have a wall light on the upper side of the fountain. It can brighten up the wall in the night and make your home look stylish and stunning. A fountain wall is another bold and beautiful exterior design trend that can add value to your home.

{ 9 } Contemporary Waterfalls in Outdoor Garden

Contemporary Waterfall In Outdoor Garden
If you don’t want a fountain then you can also opt for a contemporary waterfall in your garden. You can decorate the area with marble stones and have some plants near the water. It gives a peaceful and nice environment in your outdoor space. If you want a different and contemporary look in your garden then choose this water flow design. It is beneficial for you and adds more value to your outdoor area.

{ 10 } Natural Rock Garden Fountain

Natural Rock Garden Fountain
A natural rock garden fountain gives an attractive and natural look to your outdoor space. The fountain has several layers of different sized rocks that make a design of the fountain. You can decorate the surrounding space with black marble stones. This fountain will look beautiful in your outdoor area and add more value to your home as well. This fountain is perfect for your outdoor area to get a natural look. Moreover, it brings peaceful and calm vibes so that you can spend a good time in your garden.