Fast Drying of Wood Without Defects

The modern technologies applied in the woodworking laboratories have made it possible to optimize the use and processing times of the raw material.

However try to gain 0.5mm. on the thickness of a board, or 1 mt. per second on the speed of an operating machine without paying the same attention to the “non-quality” of the drying operation, can cause yield losses of 5-10%.

The dryer must be considered as a production machine, guaranteeing real savings on raw materials and on the quality of the finished product.

Drying quickly and without defects is the goal that WDE Maspell has been pursuing for 60 years of research in the field of vacuum application.

The results obtained make it possible to guarantee suitable machinery for a perfectly state-of-the-art treatment of wood, capable of returning a quality product, which is perfectly homogeneous in terms of final humidity, and optimized for each type of processing, since prevents the risk of cracking and twisting of the material. Even the natural characteristics of the wood are preserved in the drying processes, which preserve the original color and the possible presence of knots. With drying, all those substances that make it “attractive” to xylophages and other animal parasites are also eliminated from the trunk, so as to prevent any fungal attacks.

The quality of the raw material is also significantly increased, with a clear reduction in the storage volumes of the material being dried, times much faster than traditional systems and a reduction in operating costs.

Investing in the quality of a drying system means investing in the quality of your work.

Driers of Contained Dimensions Compared to Productivity

There are an infinite number of wood essences and different needs, linked to the type of use to be made of the wood. The drying of boards intended for the production of parquet will necessarily have different treatment requirements than those intended for the production of prestigious furniture. Being able to count on a company that offers assistance and advice will be the first step in guaranteeing products that are always in line with your needs.

WDE Maspell, an Italian company that has been involved in the design and production of wood treatment machinery for over sixty years, offers all the necessary consultancy and the best solutions for every need.