20 Charming Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse style doesn’t have to be too rustic. in fact, if you add a contemporary spin on the overall design you may surprise yourself with how polished the end result can be. And when it comes to your kitchen, it’s quite easy to do. So let’s five in and check out these 20 modern farmhouse kitchens and how they fuse two opposite interior design styles perfectly.

Color Scheme

This kitchen feels you like that you are in the 1930s. A neutral color palette, actual wood shelves, and stainless steel make it modern. It’s budget friendly and beautiful.

Authentic Feel

Collection of disparate pieces made the kitchen true and authentic. Elements like blue chairs, classic rug, vintage pendant, oak cabinets, antique door, and charming color make a perfect impression.

Uber Warm Woods

This countertop is very durable. This color is giving a warm feel to the kitchen. This furniture is working as an antique piece in the kitchen with an abundance of the heirloom.

Off-White Farmhouse Kitchen

off-white color will add some cozy and warm feel to the kitchen. Silk white and farmhouse style sink makes space feel large. The wooden floor is giving the rustic feel to the kitchen.

Raw Wood

The interesting thing in this kitchen is raw wood and dark hardware is perfectly matching with white countertop. The mosaic backsplash is looking so amazing. Cabinets with glass give you a place to store and display your antiques.

White with Silver Cabinets

This design is functional, classic, and easy to achieve. White cabinets and simple silver hardware alongside wooden countertops and wooden floor. In addition, create small open shelves which will be stylish and give you more space to the kitchen.

Cobalt Blue Matte Farmhouse

The Black marble countertop with blue cabinets without glassy finish works beautifully. Light colored paint and a white beadboard ceiling work to keep the room from feeling too dark and the warm wooden floor works to create some warmth in the room that may otherwise have a cold or impersonal feel.


Raw wood cabinets are gorgeous,  but these colored cabinets made of rough wood. Golden accents on bringing some sophistication to the look and a rough stone countertop complete this backwoods cabin look.

Rolling Cabinets

This is kitchen is made of unique design. Instead of using farmhouse cabinets, we have used industrial rolling carts were filled with repurposed wooden crates for storage. Although the kitchen is expensive. You can move them according to yourself, it will also help in to make your kitchen neat and clean.

French Meets Farmhouse

This kitchen is also can be said as Classic French Meets Country Farmhouse. This look has more curves in cabinet doors. Color always plays an important in French kitchens.

Sink As Focal Point

An oversized sink is ideal for a farmhouse style kitchen. An authentic material and strong contrast to surrounding cabinetry create a beautiful focal point in this kitchen.

Neutral Colors and Textures

Neutral colors always make your kitchen natural. Let’s group together, neutral shades in similar tones and colors or use neutrals ranging from lights to darks. Industrial elements are a natural addition for a modern farmhouse look.

Open Shelving

Once again, open shelving is made for farmhouse kitchens. Items that are easy to use is the best and most functional way to cook. Decorative bins are great for storage and items are also grouped together.

Single Color Focus

Farmhouse styled kitchens mostly use green. This style is easily dissolving into a jumbled look. This kitchen is very sleek and functional too. Here, all the focus is on the larger blocks of color!

Design in Rails

Rails in the kitchen is a unique idea. These are also perfect for the farmhouse kitchen. Rails can go anywhere – across and above the cooktop, along with the backsplash, on any available wall.

Black Is Back

A cabinet with open shelving, filled with useful and decorative items. Black is always classic in every type of kitchen.

The 1970s Twist

The cabinets are looking like handmade. The khaki paint job is very good and vintage heavy metal accents make this kitchen feel cozy and aged. A vintage porcelain sink adds its own element of age and creates a focal point.

Tuscan and Modern

With the perfect blend of white cabinets and wooden focal points, these cabinets create a balanced modern Tuscan vibe. Open upper cabinets with industrial accents create a mid-point between the two and tie their very different styles together.

Unfinished Look

If you are finding something new with an authentic vintage look, these cabinets may be the best. Dark metal accents and mismatched paint jobs add to the style while the consistent use of unfinished butcher’s block countertops keeps everything cohesive.

Textures Mixed With Salvage

Industrial farmhouse style is a new interpretation of two well-loved looks and they are perfect together! This texture is working as backsplash of the kitchen.