Essentials to Keep Your Plants Alive in the Dorm Room

First-timers sharing a dorm may feel they’re having a complete change from what they were used to. Personalizing a new area of residence is often a way of making it feel more comfortable. Whereas it can be challenging to have a pet in your dorm, a simpler alternative has an indoor plant. Plants are an excellent alternative because of several reasons:

  • Making the appearance of the room better,
  • Ensures proper oxygen flow,
  • Lightens the mood of occupants,
  • Flowering plants brighten the radiance of a room,
  • Easy to maintain and so much more.

While it is a good thing to have indoor plants in your dorm, it also comes with its responsibilities. The following are options you could choose from when selecting a plant to keep in your dorm and minimize maintenance. If you want to know more about plants you can always buy dissertations online.

1. Sansevieria

A common feature of this plant is how it grows upwards. The feature allows the plant to occupy little space in your room and, therefore, perfect for those who have confined spaces. Another distinct feature of the plant is that it requires little water to thrive. When schools close for long holidays, you can be sure the plant will survive without watering. However, the plant demands lots of light. That being the case, you can put it close to the window or anywhere to receive sufficient sunlight.

2. Aloe

You probably know aloe vera as a cream or lotion; however, the aloe plant can be a great indoor companion. These succulent plants only require less from you: sandy soil, some water, and light. Aloe is a desert plant and blooms in the summer. Despite that, they can also thrive in artificial light if you can’t place them in direct sunlight. Excellent care for these plants will produce “pups,” which you could transplant into new pots. They can then be good presents for your friends or family.

3. Devil’s Ivy

I agree! The name is scary. But you know what isn’t? The plant itself. It is a “climber” plant and requires indirect sunlight for proper growth conditions. The plant requires water, but it would be best if the water were in mist form. The plant can be decorative if you play around with your creativity. You can opt to place it on your dresser, bookshelf, or even on wall hangers.

4. Agave/Jade Succulents

Most indoor plants ought to be succulent, and the agave/ jade succulent qualifies for this category. Why succulents? It’s easy to care for these plants, even in a limited space. They need sunlight most of the time, but they can also thrive well with artificial lights. When it comes to watering, they don’t need volumes of water, just once or twice a week is excellent for these plants.

The following are some alternatives when it comes to caring for your plants.

5. Lighting

Lighting isn’t always an issue for indoor plants because their design allows them to live without requiring excess light. However, for plants that require more light, use a mirror to direct sunlight to where your plant is growing. Use grow lights also as another alternative.

6. Watering

If plants stay long without water, they will inevitably wilt and eventually die. You can put a damp cloth on the base of your plant, or lay down old and damp newspapers on the soil, or use ice cubes to ensure the plant gets water for long. You can also use drip irrigation technology for long breaks.


It is no doubt that having a plant in your dorm room brings the aspect of comfort. Taking good care of your plant ensures it stays healthy and lives long, perhaps longer than a pet, in contrast. Go ahead, try out a plant in your dorm for a change.