Dining Table Styles – Basics of Interior Design

Your dining table is your spot for entertaining guests, enjoying family meals, studying and just hanging out with your household, so choosing the right one is pretty important! A table is a natural centrepiece for a room, so the one you select is really going to have a big impact on your space and home overall. Dining tables can be tricky, it seems like such a simple purchase and yet, when you’re faced with the seemingly infinite number of options out there, the hunt gets difficult. Here’s what to consider when you’re looking for the perfect dining table for your home

Deciding on your desired effect

The formality of your space is an essential factor when you’re looking at furnishing it. If you have a dedicated dining space, you will most likely want to opt for formal or semi-formal. This is because separate dining rooms tend to see a lot of guests and special events, so a more refined furniture tone is totally appropriate. A relaxed dedicated dining space is absolutely achievable, you just have to be wary of the style and materials that you opt for to avoid the room becoming too formal. For a shared or split dining space, a chilled-out atmosphere really is best, unless your home is super contemporary and naturally very edited. Determine the effect you want your dining room to have on your space to get started.

Choosing a shape

The shape makes a pretty big difference to your layout, overall atmosphere and dining experience! Your options for dining table shapes are:

  • Square: Opt for a square dining table if you’re furnishing a square space! This is best if you only tend to have smaller family dinners at your table if you’ve often got visitors over then you will quickly get frustrated with the limitations of a square dining table. Square shapes bring a comforting, intimate family atmosphere so they are great for a dining space that shares a kitchen or living room in a family home.
  • Round: Similar to a square table, the round shape is a great small space solution that encourages a welcoming and cosy vibe in a home. Round tables let everyone see and connect with everyone sitting at the table and have the opportunity for a little extra seating if diners are willing to squish.
  • Rectangle: Rectangle dining tables are the classic entertaining shape. Choose a rectangle shape if you’re kitting out a dedicated dining room, it will be the perfect focal point. This shape is super common, so you can find it in a whole array of different styles and materials. You’ll be able to fit a lot of guests around this shape, so it’s perfect if you love to entertain.
  • Oval: Oval shapes are very similar to rectangles in shape and in seat capacity. Go for oval if your dining room is a little tight on space, the smooth corners allow for more movement around the room.

Choosing a style

Once you’re set on the shape that you want, you can focus on your style options! For a formal space, look at exploring mid-century modern and contemporary pieces such as glass, metal or concrete tables. Going more casual? Rustic, country and bohemian all work amazingly for relaxed dining spaces, stick to worn timbers or pines. If you want to veer somewhere in the middle, opt for classic, industrial or Scandinavian aesthetics. These are all quite layered, fresh and timeless, perfect for a neutral home.
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