Collection of Inspiring Curtain Ideas for Elegant Shower Bathrooms

When visiting a friend’s house for the first time, we would often ask for a home tour. Most people are so interested when it comes to visiting a new house for whatever reason ‒ gazing at every furniture and then wishing they had those items back home. We’d also talk about the exposed bricks and paintings in the living room and then the conversation would drift to the modern stovetop and fancy dishwasher as we reach the kitchen and dining area. While the bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom, we would often get an “It’s over there.” and a point in that direction every time we ask about the loo.

Bathrooms are one of the most important parts of a house or an office or a commercial space. Or should I just say we need bathrooms everywhere?! Just because we rarely spend so much time in a bathroom as compared to the length of time we spend in the rest of the house does not mean that a bathroom should be left out when it comes to designing the home interiors. Whether big or small, a bathroom deserves some cleaning and outfitting too. If there’s one thing that completes a total bathroom décor, it’s the shower curtain. Although sleek bathrooms these days often feature shower spaces in glass doors, there are still plenty of chic options to make your loos more attractive. Get inspired by our collection of curtain ideas for your ultimate bathroom design.

Contemporary Patterns

Nothing adds modern decadence to a boring shower room more than a metallic marble design can do. The pattern brings a luxurious effect that matches with the white and metallic theme of this bathroom, making you want to stay in the tub for so long. We also love how the curtains are draped in a contemporary oval shower rod, covering the tub in a winding form that your rods don’t have to be treated from one side of the wall to another.

Plain and Luxurious

Not a fan of patterns? Then we’ve got something else you can opt for ‒ plain and luxurious. Sticking to simple furnishing shouldn’t be a bad idea. After all, curtains can speak luxury for themselves even if they don’t have those opulent patterns as long as they’re made of high-quality materials. Keep it simple but sleek with this monochrome treatment that is made rich with its dazzling ornaments that complement the rustic laundry hampers and wooden side table.

High and Low

This curtain is making its way, high and low, from ceiling downright to the floor. The rod is mounted to the ceiling, which leaves no space to waste in the bathroom. This strategy works best for showers over standing tubs to keep more privacy without losing the style. Another idea for ceiling solutions is a custom-made curtain rod that is mounted on the ceiling track system, giving a seamless look that eliminates the need for curtain rods.

Stylish Skirts

This ruffled blush curtain looks more of a stylish skirt to me. Sure, you’ll find joy in this bathroom as the curtain stars a sequence of plain, chromatic voile and layers of ruffles in its outskirts. More than the ruffle style, you’ll also love the colour palette that exhibits a bright, roomy shower spot.

Cascade Coils

So much double bathing is going on in this bathroom with this illusive curtain made of cascade coil that looks like pouring rain. This material is a very unusual curtain choice that’s is continuously rising in popularity to modern homes. Aside from they’re practical, cascade coil curtains also have their rewarding functionalities that include warming effect (from aluminium materials) and water resistance, enhancing your shower experience.