Bothersome Bugs: 5 Pro Tips for How to Keep Bugs Out of Your House

Are you trying to keep bothersome bugs out of your home? Read this article to learn the top tips for how to keep bugs out of your home.

Does the thought of sharing your space with rats, flies, and other pests give you the creeps?

Apart from their filthy habits, household pests can also carry at least 12 serious diseases, including plague, so you don’t want them hanging around.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to stop these unwanted guests from getting in in the first place. Here’s how to keep bugs out of your house and your life for good.

1. How to Keep Bugs Away from Your Home

Household garbage and yard waste is an all-you-can-eat buffet for ants, roaches, and rodents. Make sure the lids of your trash cans fit snugly and keep your garbage disposal area clean and sanitized.

Rinse recyclable items thoroughly before placing them in a sealed bin.

Sweep up leaf litter from yards, patios, and decks and try to get rid of standing water as quickly as possible.

2. How to Keep Bugs Out of Your House Interiors

Small creatures can make their way through tiniest openings to gain access to your home. Make sure all your doors and windows are tightly sealed and repair any tears in your mesh screens.

Routinely inspect the outside of your house for cracks and gaps where bugs could enter and trim any overhanging branches away from your walls, roof, and windows.

3. How to Make Your Home Less Appealing to Bugs

The average home abounds with attractions for unwanted pests. There’s plenty of food and attractive light to lure them in.

Always keep food containers tightly sealed, clean up any spills promptly, and keep your surfaces clean and free of crumbs.

High-pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights are less attractive to insects than traditional mercury vapor lights.

4. How to Keep Your Pets Pest-Free

Do your pets live inside? They could be bringing unwelcome visitors with them every time they return from playing outside.

Bathe your animal companions regularly and ask your veterinarian about the best parasite treatment program for them. Sprays, collars, and pills all work well to keep ticks and fleas at bay.

It’s important to wash their food bowls and clean up the area where they eat after every meal.

5. How to Deal With an Insect Invasion

Home remedies rarely have a lasting effect when it comes to rodents and other unwanted pests. Besides, pesticides and rodenticides can cause harm to your family members and pests.

Rather enlist the services of a professional pest control service to take care of the matter safely and effectively. They’ll also advise you on the best way to prevent a re-infestation.

Fix What’s Bugging You

Pests can cause untold damage to your home and your health. Remember these basic steps on how to keep bugs out of your house:

  • Keep waste out of reach
  • Dim the lights
  • Keep your yard tidy
  • Get professional help when needed

That way you can rest easy knowing that your family’s safe from harm and reduce the chances of a pest invasion damaging your home.

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