Kentia Palm

15 Amazing Home Plants That Can Thrive Indoors

Do you want to decorate your interior with plants? Now you can bring nature inside by adding beautiful plants and flowers in different corners. Instead of buying expensive ornamental decor for the house, you should go for indoor plants as decor. Planting natural trees might be attractive but it needs a lot of care and maintenance. If you are the kind of person who can’t take care of indoor plants, then you should purchase low-maintenance home plants. There is no need to water every day and even then you will get to see the charming decor of flowers and home plants. If you are also interested in investing in natural flowers and home plants for your interior decor, then here are some of the best options for you:

{ 1 } Air Plants

Air Plants
This is the beautiful air plant which can be hanged on your ceiling or room or balcony. You can also keep this beautiful hanging plant in your kitchen. Instead, the glass jar, the aloe vera like air plant is peeking out which looks absolutely natural. The glass jar is quite durable and there is white sand below the plant which makes it look super-sophisticated.

{ 2 } Split Leaf Philodendrons

Split Leaf Philondendrons

If you want to get contemporary home plants for your office desk or for your study room, then this plant is a perfect option. The brown basket knitted in the intricate pattern makes it look like a handmade pot. The leaves of the plant are in a vibrant dark green color which has a shining and smooth look. This plant can also improve the look of your patio or any other corner which looks empty and dull.

{ 3 } Crocodile Fern

Crocodile Fern

The large leaves of crocodile fern can leave anyone amused. This plant is a perfect way to bring radiance to any subtle room. You need to make sure that you are able to take care of this plant properly. This plant will need water regularly and that’s why you should remember watering it every day. If the soil will be drained poorly and soggy manner, then this plant won’t last for a long time. It will be best if you will mix the surface of the soil with a gap of seven days.

{ 4 } Dragon Tree

Dragon Tree

If you want to get a sleek and danger plant, then the dragon tree should be your choice. Actually, there is nothing harmful about dragon tree but it’s just the name because it has the capability of attracting anyone towards its beauty. If you want to keep the dragon tree in your home, then you should make sure that you get the original quality of tree which looks fresh and raw. You can place it in the window or balcony where the plant can get direct sunlight.

{ 5 } Silver Queen

Silver Queen

To bring the royal feel in your room, you can add the silver queen plant.  It has silvery look on its leaves which make the plant look totally royal. This plant is evergreen and that’s why it can be grown by you in your home. Proper care can make this plant look attractive always. It shouldn’t be placed in front of direct sunlight but the light should be medium only. Don’t forget to trim dead leaves which are the major reason to make the plant look old.

{ 6 } Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig

The weeping fig is one of the most famous house plants and it looks absolutely amazing in home areas. It should be planted in well-drained soil and water shouldn’t be too much in this pot. The above layer of soil should stay dry while inside part of the soil should be in moisture. This plant can be kept in front of the raw wall which can impart a contemporary look.

{ 7 } Snake Plants

Snake Plants

If you love snakes, then you will definitely fall in love with the snake plant. It has large leaves which look absolutely stunning. You can grow it in one corner of the drawing-room or library. This beautiful plant can enhance the look of any part of your home within seconds. The soil of the plant should be dried between every next watering. If the leaves catch dust, then it can be removed by using a damp cloth. These plants can grow faster and that’s why you have to separate them annually.

{ 8 } Alocasia


The beautiful leaves of Alocasia make it look different from other plants available in the market. This plant should be kept near the window but direct sunlight shouldn’t fall on it. This plant can attract fungal infections and that’s why one should keep it under extensive care. Make sure that you don’t overwater this plant otherwise the soggy soil can invite infections to it.

{ 9 } Rubber Plants

Rubber Plants

The rubber plant will look sophisticated in your home and it justs need the right amount of water every day. When it is growing, it will need proper moisture in the soil. To make the plant look new and fresh, wiping leaves will help.

{ 10 } Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The fiddle leaf fig requires a lot of filtered and bright light. The beautiful leaves of the plant make the room look classic. These plants shouldn’t be grown in cold areas but these need warm and humid climate. These plants can be placed in kitchen windows or in the drawing-room.

{ 11 } Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern

This plant looks super cool as the leaves of the plant look like horns of stags. This plant will be a décor option which can catch the eye of anyone visiting your home. You should make sure that you decide to get the best quality of plants for your home. These are really small and need frequent watering. This plant also requires fertilizer to grow properly.

{ 12 } Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm

This plant can stay in low light areas and doesn’t need much care. The kentia palm is a perfect option for the people who can’t focus on much maintenance of the plants. The only thing which you need to make sure that direct sunlight doesn’t fall on it.

{ 13 } Jade Plants

Jade Plants

You can place a jade plant even in the smallest corner of the fireplace or office table. The soil should stay moist but not too drained with water. In winters, let the soil dry before watering. You don’t need to keep watering it on a regular basis without checking moisture quantity.

{ 14 } Kalanchoe


If you love to grow the flowery plant, then you can decide to grow Kalanchoe plant which is absolutely cute. The red flowers of the plants make it look amazing. Make sure that you never wet the leaves of the plant but water soil only. You should grow this plant in sandy soil with direct sunlight.

{ 15 } String of Pearls

String of Pearls

Nothing can look beautiful than the natural green pearls of these home plants. You can also hang it from the ceiling in a pot. Make sure that you choose an attractive pot to grow this plant and it should be kept away from sunlight. Drain the soil of the pot properly with water. You can hang this plant in any part of the home which you want to make attractive. You won’t find these home plants casually in everyone’s home and that’s why you should grow this plant in your home.