5 Pro Tips to Follow For a Perfect House Painting

Making the interior and the exterior of your home look beautiful requires some serious efforts. The house is one of your essential investments. And therefore, you only want it to look perfect in every sense. To make your house exactly like what’s in your mind, you take up the entire painting job on your shoulders – which is great! But, you may mess up due to the lack of expertise in the painting work. It is natural to make mistakes if you are not a professional painter. So, what do the expert painters do to attain impeccability? How to paint like a professional and add perfection to your house?

Worry no more, we got you sorted on this!

Here are 5 Pro tips to follow for a Perfect House Painting:


What stands prime to painting an exterior or interior wall, and which is often overlooked, is its surface preparation. Make sure that the walls you are going to paint are free of any bubbles or the peelings of old paint. You can get rid of the loose paint using scrappers and wire brush. Also, sanding it further shall help make the surface even for a smoother application. Pre- paint cleaners available in the market make the process of cleaning the wall easier. This works great for improving the surface and for the paint’s adherence to the wall. Pre-paint cleaners are also known for their property to kill and restrict the mold growth. It is important to consider the fact that a clean, smooth, and bubble-free wall is the most habitable to sustain the paint and its luster.


In order to achieve longevity and sustainance, it is recommended to apply primer on the walls to hold the paint for a longer duration. Primers are used for maintaining evenness of the surface to achieve smooth walls. They even save you from applying extra paint. Applying a primer is a beneficial solution to minimize unnecessary loss of money and time. Remember, usage of a tinted primer may result better than a plain primer if chosen the same as the finish paint color. The selection of the primer depends upon the weather conditions as well. Hence, make sure to choose one accordingly!


As you may know, there are various hues of a color. Not each of them is likely to suit your wall of interest! Therefore, it is crucial to decide the perfect shade of paint beforehand. Pick a shade that will harmonize with the furniture and living comfort – for interior painting. Similarly, for exterior painting, pick a shade that compliments the design & architecture of the house. Do not blindly trust the color palette. Try applying it on a small patch of your wall of interest and observe the same in daylight and in the night with the lights on. If that suits your choice, only then go for the particular shade. Choosing the right shade might save you from the disappointment of making a wrong choice.


Even before you initialize the prepping work for painting your house, it is essential to choose the right types of equipment. If you wish to paint like a pro, selecting the right equipment plays a vital role. Equipments like paint scrapers, sandpapers, roller grids, spackles, paint rollers of varying sizes, extension rods, regular and speciality paint brushes, are the necessary basics for a painting job. Ladder of the appropriate height along with rags & covers for the floor are also included in the list. And what you should not forget is the quality of the equipments you buy. Go for the best quality of equipments for your ease of use.


To be satisfied with your hard work later, it is necessary to be pre-calculative regarding the number of coats you apply. Deciding the number of coats is helpful in calculating the amount of paint required. This further, saves you from wasting unnecessary money on extra paint.

You have to make sure that the paint you use is of high-quality since the ingredients in low-quality paint are known to not perform as good. It will eventually end up in a thin layer and require multiple layers of paint. Lastly, how the previous paint job affects the number of coats to be applied is interesting, as it depends upon the color shade you prefer. If the color is the same as the previous paint, you might just require a single coat. If the one is not similar to the underlying layer, say, its lighter, you might need more than two coats of paint for the perfect finish.

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