25 + Contemporary Kitchen Ideas To Follow

contemporary kitchen ideas

You know the modern formula already: clean, open, minimal, functional. But you may not know how to make it more attractive, be family friendly or even giving little bit sleek design. A pop of color – whether it’s on vase of flowers, on the furniture, in a bowl of fresh fruit, or on a kitchen items like – Kettle, Toaster, Refrigerator, glasses, Kitchen Utensils, etc. – ensures that these kitchen items feel warm and welcoming. Make sure that you should have kitchen exhaust for improving Air Quality and Removal of grease. You can give cool look to your kitchen by few decorative accessories on shelves and countertops. Click through to see contemporary kitchen design ideas from Interior Style. read more

20 Modern Living Room Ideas For 2018

Living Room Ideas

Many times we simply gaze at our living room decor and wish that we could have gone a bit different. With so many options and designs, it’s difficult to resist an overhaul. The opportunity to select the best design for your living room depends much on your personality. Getting subtle upgrades to your space or opting vibrant modern living room decor ideas can be tough since there are plenty of options available which will surely leave your guests enchanted. But there are few things which you need to consider before you even start. You need to identify what’s your purpose for doing it. Whether you want just a new look, with the same furniture, or you want to enlarge the space by removing the unwanted things, updating it as per the latest trends or just wanted a cozy place where you can spend your day’s and night’s year after year. read more